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    Apr 2014

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    Oct 2014
    LN: Crofts

    DH: Walker Jameson Crofts
    DW: Harriet Rose Crofts

    DD1/DD2/DD3 (triplets): Spencer Molly Crofts, Ruby Eliza Crofts and Emma Star Crofts
    DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4 (quadruplets): Oscar William Crofts, Cooper Leo Crofts, Rory Noah Crofts and Zak Samuel Crofts
    Annabelle Caroline~19~Name freak

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    DH: Jameson Marshall Crofts
    DW: Harriet Iris Crofts

    DD1/DD2/DD3 (triplets): Willow Claire Crofts / Eliza Ruby Crofts / Elodie Star Crofts
    DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4 (quadruplets): William Sebastien Crofts / Richard Leo Crofts / Noah Russell Crofts / Samuel Zak Crofts
    Marina teenberry Chris†ian INFJ bibliophile sophomore

    Myrtle Carmen ⁂ Miriam Providence ⁂ Verity Primrose ⁂ Celeste Gloria ⁂ Evangeline Isle ⁂ Trinity Camille
    Jesse Boaz ⁂ Edmund Lot ⁂ Fabian Cyrus ⁂ Amos Finch ⁂ Cedric Gaius ⁂ Miles Corinth

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    Jun 2016
    DH: Hamish Archibald
    DW: Ada Iris

    DD1/DD2/DD3: Molly Willow & Darcy Eliza & Emma Theodora
    DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4 (quadruplets): Bing Oscar & Leo Peter & Rory Arthur & Benedict Angus

    carrigan ruth, 17, infp, ravenclaw

    daisy lucille, melody alice, allie cosette, orlaith blossom, lilith autumn

    seamus pascal, edgar remus, romy benedict, lancelot mathis, cedric lysander

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    Oct 2013
    LN: Crofts

    DH: Jameson Walker
    DW: Rose Iris

    DD1/DD2/DD3 (triplets): Molly Claire, Eliza Ruby & Isabelle Theodora
    DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4 (quadruplets): Oscar William, Leo Richard, Noah Arthur & Samuel Rupert

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