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Thread: Obscure Theme

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    Oct 2011
    Dagwood, Keane, Belle, Gray & Gunner

    Dagwood Bumstead, husband in "Blondie" comic strip
    Bil Keane, creator of "The Family Circus" comic strip
    Belle, for Bell Syndicate
    Harold Gray, creator of "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip
    Gunner, for military theme of "Beetle Bailey" comic strip

    New theme: Dr. Who

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    Nov 2012
    George, Blake, Sydney, Elizabeth, Clara

    George: for George Villiers who co-founded the BBC
    Blake: Dudley Simpson composed music for both Dr. Who and Blake's 7
    Sydney: Sydney Newman, early developer
    Elizabeth: his wife
    Clara: current companion

    New Theme: Winter

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    Oct 2011
    Eve, Crystal, Jack.

    Eve- From Christmas Eve
    Crystal- Like an icicle
    Jack- Jack Frost

    Theme- Music

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    Sep 2009
    Washington State
    Cadence -means rhythm/beat
    Jackson- Michael Jackson

    Theme- Circus
    Not expecting, just collecting!
    Mama to cat: Finley Nash (Finn)

    My Favorite Names:
    Girls Names: Isla, Hannah, Lila, Josie, Harper, Daisy, Stella, Madeleine, Olivia, Isabelle, Willow, Sadie, Georgia, Ruby, Brynn, Viviena, Janie.
    Boys Names: Blake, Easton, Lane, Eli, Ezra, Theodore, Noah, Sawyer, Knox, Felix.

    Favorite Combos:
    Daisy Madeleine, Isla Wren, Stella Madeleine, Nora Madeleine, Emma Jean, Sadie Elisabeth, Georgia Pearl
    Eli Benjamin, Blake Michael, Judson Wyatt, Ezra Nathaniel

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    Oct 2011
    Astley, Hooper & Soleil

    Astley - Philip Astley, man attributed with originating the modern circus
    Hooper - a person who performs with hoops
    Soleil - Cirque de Soleil

    New theme: Birds

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