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    Family Day at the Dog Park!

    It's family day at the dog park! Donations are being taken today in order to support the local animal shelter, so that brings out a lot of supportive families!
    Each family's dog names are up to you, but there is a 'Breed Bank' down at the bottom to determine what type of dogs they each have. Hope you enjoy!

    LN: Sparrow, Johnson, McConnell, Miller
    DW: [32]
    DH: [31]
    DD: [10]
    DD: [7]
    DS: [6]

    LN: Harper, Davidson, O'Neill, Lamb
    DH: [40]
    DW: [36]
    DD/DD: [15]
    DS: [10]
    DD: [7]

    LN: Underwood, Dempsey, Savage, Hendricks
    DW: [24]
    DH: [24]
    DS: [3]

    LN: Lee, Novak, Spencer, Sanchez
    DW: [37]
    DD: [17]

    LN: Green, Diaz, Epstein, Foster
    DW: [35]
    DH: [36]
    ADD: [12]
    ADS: [11]
    DS: [3]

    LN: McKinnon, Duff, Early, Kilpatrick
    DH: [65]
    DW: [60]

    LN: Oldham, Brinkley, Hopewell, Swan
    Grandfather: [68]
    Grandmother: [66]
    DH: [44]
    DW: [44]
    DD/DS: [13]
    DS: [9]
    DD: [6]

    Boys Names:
    Phillip, Jordan, Ethan, David, Christopher, Peter, Laken, Charles, Thurman, Montgomery, Harry, Vincent, Damian, James, Jasper, Kenneth, Jett, Levi, Gunner, Anders, Matteo, Jonah, Wyatt, Milo, Braxton, Bruce, Jack, Bear, William, Walter, Rupert, Felix, Edmond, Lucius, Callum, Finley, Rhys, Ronan, Rory, Evan, Chase, Travis, Alexander, Max, Martin, Avery, Addison, Jesse, Lane, Rhett, Ezekiel, Tucker, Ross, Jace, Samuel, Cannon, Augustus, Jeremiah, Kingston, Cooper, Grant, Kelsey, River, Rowan, Joshua, Holden, Archer, Edwin, Henry, Jackson

    Girls Names:
    Rhonda, Riley, Anne, Destiny, Ariel, Carol, Katrina, Elisabeth, Rosemary, Sandra, Marie, Stella, Amethyst, Quinn, Hillary, Imogen, Louise, Lucia, Bella, Britton, Lavender, Alana, Sable, Saoirse, Diana, Suzanne, Grace, Greer, Bridgid, Kaylee, Cassidy, Miranda, Meredith, Miley, Amanda, Gemma, Isla, Brynlee, Lola, Hope, Harper, Aria, Elsie, Rachel, Athena, Nina, Everly, Eve, Juniper, Josephine, Autumn, Melody, Taylor, Hadley, Vivian, Serena, Norah, Emily, Amelie, Estelle, Cora, Claire, Kelsi, Charotte, Sofia, Morgan, Christine, Ivy, Faith, Silvia, Tess

    Dog Breeds:
    Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian, Pug, Siberian Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Boxer, Shih Tzu, Great Dane, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Airdale Terrier, Rottweiler, Beagle, German Shepherd, Border Collie, English Mastiff

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    [always collecting]

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    LN: Miller
    DW: [32] Bella Louise Miller
    DH: [31] Jeremiah Philip Miller "Jem"
    DD: [10] Jordan Anders Miller
    DD: [7] Charlotte Athena Miller "Lottie"
    DS: [6] River Addison Miller
    Dog: French Bulldog, Ludwig
    Dog: Pomeranian, Merlin

    LN: Lamb
    DH: [40] Cooper Grant Lamb
    DW: [36] Elisabeth Suzanne Lamb "Lizzy"
    DD/DD: [15] Amelie Harper Lamb / Aria Everly Lamb
    DS: [10] Avery Cannon Lamb
    DD: [7] Autumn Hadley Lamb
    Dog: Doberman Pinscher, Matilda

    LN: Underwood
    DW: [24] Riley Hope Underwood
    DH: [24] Ethan Montgomery Underwood
    DS: [3] Laken Bear Underwood
    Dog: Beagle, Scout

    LN: Lee
    DW: [37] Rhonda Claire Lee
    DD: [17] Destiny Anne Lee
    Dog: Chihuahua, Stella
    Dog: Chihuahua, Rascal

    LN: Foster
    DW: [35] Eve Josephine Foster
    DH: [36] Damien Augustus Foster
    ADD: [12] Brynlee Tess Foster
    ADS: [11] Holden Tucker Foster
    DS: [3] Jesse Samuel Foster
    Dog: Border Collie, Seymour

    LN: Kilpatrick
    DH: [65] James William Kilpatrick "Jamie"
    DW: [60] Rosemary Meredith Kilpatrick "Rose"
    Dog: Yorkshire Terrier, Buddy
    Dog: Boxer, Baxter
    Dog: German Shepherd, Rocky

    LN: Swan
    Grandfather: [68] Henry Wyatt Swan
    Grandmother: [66] Diana Carol Swan
    DH: [44] Joshua Peter Swan "Josh"
    DW: [44] Alana Ariel Swan "Lana"
    DD/DS: [13] Lavender Quinn Swan
    DS: [9] Jasper Ross Swan
    DD: [6] Sable Faith Swan
    Dog: Labrador Retriever, Groucho
    Dog: Great Dane, Harpo

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    LN: McConnell
    DW[32] Melody
    DH[31] Laken Alexander
    DD[10] Vivian Hadley
    DD[7] Christine Aria
    DS[6] Anders Levi
    Dog: Dalmation
    Dog: Boxer

    LN: Davidson
    DH[40] Rhys William
    DW[36] Cora Estelle
    DD/DD[15] Lola Elsie/Greer Amelie
    DS[10] Montgomery Jack
    DD[7] Sable Gemma
    Dog: Siberian Huskey

    LN: Underwood
    DW[24] Lavender Marie "Lav"
    DH[24] David Phillip "Davey"
    DS[3] Finley Cannon "Finn"
    Dog: Great Dane

    LN: Novak
    DW[37] Meredith Athena
    DD[17] Louise Imogen
    Dog: Beagle
    Dog: German Shepherd

    LN: Epstein
    DW[35] Britton Lucia
    DH[36] Callum River
    ADD[12] Tess Ivy
    ADS[11] Rory Jonah
    DS[3] Bear Milo
    Dog: English Mastiff

    LN: Early
    DH[65] Thurman Charles
    DW[60] Rosemary Anne
    Dog: Airdale Terrier
    Dog: Golden Retriever
    Dog: Labrador Retriever

    LN: Swan
    Grandfather[68] Rupert Jasper
    Grandmother[66] Elisabeth Diana
    DH[44] Ronan Harry
    DW[44] Eve Athena
    DD/DS[13] Josephine Riley/Edmond Avery
    DS[9] Augustus Vincent
    DD[6] Charlotte Miranda
    Dog: Border Collie
    Dog: Yorkshire Terrier

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    The Miller Family

    DH [31] Callum Ross Miller
    DW [32] Melody Elisabeth {Johnson} Miller

    DD [10] Saoirse Josephine Miller
    DD [7] Britton Norah Miller
    DS [6] Rowan Joshua Miller

    Dog: Zev [Border Collie]
    Dog: Aggie [Yorkshire Terrier]

    The Harper Family

    DH [40] Grant Samuel Harper, Sr.
    DW [36] Rachel Louise {Davidson} Harper

    DD [15] Serena Estelle Harper
    DD [15] Stella Louise Harper
    DS [10] Grant Samuel Harper, Jr.
    DD [7] Isla Christine Harper

    Dog: Millie [Shih Tzu]


    The Underwood Family

    DH [24] Henry Kenneth Underwood
    DW [24] Taylor Christine {Savage} Underwood

    DS [3] Ronan Felix Underwood

    Dog: Noa [Boston Terrier]


    The Spencer Family

    DW [37] Diana Rosemary Spencer

    DD [17] Grace Charlotte Spencer

    Dog: Teeny [Great Dane]
    Dog: Minnie [Pug]


    The Foster Family

    DH [36] Alexander Travis Foster
    DW [35] Claire Amanda {Diaz} Foster

    ADD [12] Greer Hope Foster
    ADS [11] River James Foster
    DS [3] Rhys Ezekiel Foster

    Dog: Callie [Labrador Retriever]


    The McKinnon Family

    DH [65] Jeremiah Samuel McKinnon
    DW [60] Sandra Anne {Early} McKinnon

    Dog: Valley [Beagle]
    Dog: Glory [Beagle]
    Dog: Ally [Beagle]


    The Brinkley Family

    Gpa [68] Holden Walter Brinkley
    Gma [66] Emily Marie {Hopewell} Brinkley
    DH [44] Jesse William Brinkley
    DW [44] Ivy Miranda {Swan} Brinkley

    DD [13] Athena Tess Brinkley
    DS [13] Aria Suzanne Brinkley
    DS [9] Finley Milo Brinkley
    DD [6] Britton Faith Brinkley

    Dog: Jack [Golden Retriever]
    Dog: Mia [Pomeranian]
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    The Sparrow Family

    Lucia Vivian (32) & Jeremiah Travis (31)

    Tess Charlotte (10)
    Rhett Callum (7)
    Grant William (6)

    Snow the Dalmatian
    Maya the Beagle


    The Harper Family

    Ronan Alexander (40) & Amelia Stella (36)

    Cora Estelle & Stella Christine (15)
    Addison Max (10)
    Bella Miranda (7)

    Dottie the Yorkie


    The Dempsey Family

    Charles Thurman (24) & Melody Suzanne (24)

    River Joshua (3)

    Hamilton the Great Dane


    The Novak Family

    Bridgid Ivy (37)

    Josephine Diana (17)

    Zerrick the Pug
    Gavin the Boxer


    The Green Family

    Saoirse Everly (35) & Ezekiel Tucker (36)

    Autumn Sofia (12)
    Rowan Milo (11)
    Samuel Henry (3)

    Bonnie the


    The McKinnon Family

    Peter Martin (65) Rosemary Carol (60)

    Fox the Husky
    Calais the Pomeranian
    Elula the German Shepard


    The Brinkley Family

    Edmond Felix (68) & Silvia Greer (66)
    Edwin Archer (44) & Juniper Eve (44)

    Amethyst Nina & Phillip Ross (13)
    Augustus Ronan (9)
    Cassidy Gemma (6)

    Tara the Doberman
    Bix the English Mastiff
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    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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