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Thread: Obscure Theme

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    Jan 2010
    Midwestern USA
    Hillary, Felicia, Natalie, & Stella

    (Cheer Bear, Good Luck Bear, Birthday Bear, & Superstar Bear)

    Theme: Food & Drink

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    Mar 2013
    Bartlett, Graham, Virginia, and Colby

    (Barlett pear tree, Graham cracker, Virginia ham, Colby Jack Cheese)

    Theme: Electronics
    Mom of Kenton, Harper, and Pierce

    Pictures I post in games are not mine, no copyright infringement intended

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    Feb 2013
    Steven, Cable, Philip + Della.

    [Steve Jobs, cable TV, Philips brand + Dell Inc.]

    Theme: sealife

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    Feb 2013
    Coral, Sebastian, John + Molly

    {Coral, Sebastian the crab from A Little Mermaid, John Dory, A Molly Fish}

    Theme ~ Extinct Species
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

    *second star to the right and straight on till morning*

    29/12/15 . 12/08/17

    Mummy to CTP 09.16

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    lu Guest
    Wybrand, Benedict, Philipp, Augusta

    (Wybrand van Warwijck wrote about dodo birds in the 1500's; Benedict after the extinct bird called the San Benedicto Rock Wren; Philipp Franz Siebold purchased the remaining stuffed specimens of the extinct Japanese sea lion; the scientific name for the extinct giant tapir is Megatapirus Augustus)

    Theme: poetry

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