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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    Quote Originally Posted by auroradawn View Post
    It's important to remember that there may be more than meets the eye to seemingly unfair sibsets. Tastes differ, and maybe the parents were totally in love with every name they chose and that was the most important thing to them; or maybe, once Eleanor, Sebastian, and Georgia had arrived, grandmother Linda died and they wanted to honor her when their next little girl was born. Sometimes you never know!
    I agree. We never know why parents choose the names that they do, and as long as the name itself isn't truly horrendous, I think it's better to give people the benefit of the doubt.

    My first two children have "A" names. It wasn't deliberate--they just happened to be our two favorite names. When we had our third, I loved an "A" name for him, too, but my husband said, "two is a coincidence, three is a pattern". Since we wanted a large family, but did not want to walk down the same-initial path for everyone, I knew he was right. It probably sounded odd to some people that we had A, A, M for a while, it isn't that eyebrow raising now that we have A, A, M, E, and M.

    We know a family with two boys, Hunter and Isaiah (nn: Ike). The names sound so discordant to me, but Dad picked boy #1's name, and Mom picked boy #2's name...and they are both perfect reflections of their parents' tastes and personalities.

    When I was working in youth ministry I had a large family of sibling names that was so clashy it would make your head spin. Everything from ethnic, to trendy, to old fashioned, to star-baby, to

    My grandmother was child #2 of 7 siblings: Janice, Genevieve, Kathleen, Marilyn, William (Bill Jr.), James, and Jack. My grandma *hated* her name--they made her write the whole thing when she was in Kindergarten. It also is the only of her siblings names that sounds ethnic (her family was very French), while the rest of the children had "American" sounding names. Her brother and sisters called her "Gen" growing up, but she quickly became the more 50's sounding "Judy" when she reached adulthood. I happen to think that she had the best name of all of them (although my youngest has the middle name William after his great-grandfather), and would definitely use it if my younger sister hadn't claimed dibs on it in middle school.

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    I just recently met a set of boy twins, one named Ryan the other names Anthony. The boys are of Hispanic decent with a very Hispanic surname. When I first heard both boys names along with surnames, I was struck by the differences... Ryan is an Irish name, while Anthony has Italian roots... Ryan is short, based on a surname, and has really only been on the name radar for less then 70 years... Anthony is longer, based on a Roman name, and has been used consistently since the SSA started tracking names.

    And, after all that went through my head, I realized that not everyone thought about names with the same depth that I sometimes do And then I started to see the similarities between the names

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurakatex View Post
    Me and my older sister are both L's and my younger sister is a G. Linzi, Laura and Gemma.
    That's funny--I know a sibset of Laura, Lindsay and Emmma! I think the names match in vibe but the matchy first initials throw me off slightly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    *cough* What's wrong with Olga? *singlehandedly waves the flag for the lovely name that is Olga*
    Hah! From I opened this thread and started reading I was waiting for this response, from you! And I agree, Olga is a lovely name.
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    I know a sibset that consisted of Alexander (classic), Katya (foreign) and Brittany (trendy). I think the parents picked names out of a hat.

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