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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    I know a sibset where the first two kids have a different dad from the other two so their sibset is really different.
    David and Kievie (dad one)
    Aidian-John and Ella-Grace. (dad two)

    Me and my older sister are both L's and my younger sister is a G. Linzi, Laura and Gemma.
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    I was in the hairdressers a few weeks ago and while I was waiting to be seen I overheard a conversation between the nail artist, one of the hairdressers and a client. I can't quite remember how they got round to it, but I think they were discussing names and the nail artist started complaining about her name - Tracy. She was saying how common and boring her name was, and this was agreed by the client who it turns out was also called Tracy. Tracy 1 said she wouldn't have minded as much but her twin sister was called Madeleine. She was jealous of her sister's 'lovely French name'.

    And for a mismatched sibset I personally know - Lyn and Penelope. Penelope goes by Penny so it's not just as bad, but still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laurakatex View Post

    Me and my older sister are both L's and my younger sister is a G. Linzi, Laura and Gemma.
    That's sort of like my neighbours' kids, who are (in order) R, J, J. It doesn't seem quite as mismatched that way round as it would to have J, J, R (or in your case L, L, G) because the eldest two have different letters so it doesn't seem like a trend was started then abandoned.

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    I know a sibset of Alathia, Cambrie, Secora, and Emma. Yes, Emma.

    Oh, and there's our little neighbor boys, brothers, named Jonathan, Nathan, and Sergio.
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    I know brothers named Harper and Steve. (not Steven, just Steve)
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