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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    Me and my siblings are Ebony, Adele and Isaac. I also know siblings named Jordan (girl), Michaela and Aiden it would have worked better if Michaela was named her middle name and what her mum wanted to call her: Quinn.
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    My parents are friends with a brother and sister names Everard and Ophelia (both of which I actually like) however they don't work so well with their surname (especially when said in their heavy Jamaican accent).

    Everard Dick & Ophelia Dick.

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    Reading through this thread has sort of answered the post I put up a few days ago (which no one responded to, btw, ha). I was trying to find out what people's criteria are for deciding whether a sib-set "goes" or not. While I agree that the rhyming sibling names is a bit much (Jaydon and Braydon), I am not sure the taste of names is always a fair way to judge...

    I don't know if the majority of people would think our kids names' go together--but our personal criteria was to go with the names we love. While our daughter's name sounds light and feminine (and unusual), our son's name is short and (kind of) stout--and very traditional. But, his name is also very uncommon today, although it is spelled traditionally and was used much more in the past.

    Anyways, it has been interesting to get the answer to my question--and I see that a lot of name-loving and sib-set approval comes down to personal taste.... although I guess you could safely say that 3 sisters named Faith, Hope, and Charity don't necessarily go with a brother named Judas.
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    *cough* What's wrong with Olga? *singlehandedly waves the flag for the lovely name that is Olga*

    I'm Zelia and my sister is Isabella. I've always felt somewhat annoyed being the one with the peculiar name which constantly has to be spelled out because it always gets mistaken for Xenia. I named my sister (or at least I was the one suggesting the name, I believe my mum and her dad liked the name and just decided to go with it), so I suppose I could have just suggested something whacky to match my own name.

    I don't know, I think that this, regarding the beautiful name and ugly name thing, comes down to personal opinions. My current top four names are Henry, Cosima, Amaury and Matilda - two classics and two more special names, and I'm sure that a sibset containing those names rather different in style would put some off. The thing is though, I have special reasons for adoring each name and I think that, as long as it's not as big a difference as, say John and Scheherazade, it's doable. As long as you make sure to tell the children that *name* is no more special than *name*, and that you tell them the reason for giving them their names.

    I don't know if this make some sort of sense. I've been at baby watch for two straight days in a row, I think I've had less than four hours of sleep, so I can imagine that what's written above contains a lot of babbling and spelling errors. Can't say that I regret it though, making gifs, constantly watching the livestream and checking the twitter feed has been exhausting but worth it
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    I don't think using the same letter for two of your children is tacky, but it's definitely tacky when it's used Duggar-style for three or more siblings! My cousin is pregnant with her third child and her first two are named Amelia and Alex. I'm interested to see if the newest will have an A name, too (hopefully something a little more inventive).

    By the way, it's not "jipped", it's "gypped". It's from the word gypsy and is slang for "ripped off". It's a racial slur, which a lot of people probably aren't aware of! It's because gypsies were stereotyped as con artists and thieves.
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