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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    My dad and his brothers are Charles, Evan and Clinton. Their names get progressively more interesting from oldest to youngest.

    I also know a sibset of Maresca, Quentin and Felix. Doesn't seem particularly unfair to me, just slightly mismatched (though I love all three names.)
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    I've always thought my own sibset was slightly unfair.
    I LOVE my name, don't get me wrong..
    But I am Sarah, while my siblings are Alice and Charles.
    Their names were both considered retro and unique when they were kids, while there were always a lot of other Sarahs running around.
    I think the sibset works because they are all royal traditional names.. just popularity wise I got the dud!
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    Meh some people may think my children fall into this category. Everyone probably expected me to pair Isabella with Sophia, but nothing made me more bored than the idea of having such a predictable generic sibset. I would rather see a mismatched sibset than a predictable one.
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    My sisters and myself: Jacilyn, Alexandra, McKinlee, Lacie.
    My older sister's name is a trendy spelling of Jacqueline, how my mother thought Jaclyn Smith spelled her name, and she felt it was too late to go through the hassle of changing it once she realized her error. My younger sisters' names are trendy as well (I find it funny that of all of us, Lacie is the only one that doesn't go by a masculine/unisex nickname, but she is the biggest tomboy I've ever met). I feel like my own name stands out, but in a good way - I'd rather have an ancient, classic name than a trendy one.

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    Although I won't say the specific name, my mum's name was considered very unusual when she was born whereas her siblings all had names in the top 50. Her name though is very trendy now.
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