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    Post Popular Names By State

    Are there any names that are in your state's top 100 that are not nearly as popular in the nationwide top 1000? I was browsing through my state's list this morning (I live in KY) and am surprised to see that there are almost just as many boys named Jaxon as there are Jackson (only a 23 amount difference) and Jaxson is also in my state's top 50.

    Other names that are very common in KY but not so much the rest of the US:
    Bentley (20 in KY, 100 in US)
    Brantley (42 in KY, 155 in US)
    Waylon (71 in KY, 197 in US)
    Gunner (76 in KY, 250 in US)
    Jase (87 in KY, 241 in US)

    Paisley (8 in KY, 46 in US)
    Adalynn (38 in KY, 124 in US)
    Raelynn (54 in KY, 158 in US)
    Maci (73 in KY, 265 in US)
    Presley (87 in KY, 201 in US)
    Paislee (91 in KY, 278 in US)

    KY's top 10:
    1.) WilliamEmma
    2.) MasonOlivia
    3.) ElijahAva
    4.) JamesHarper
    5.) NoahIsabella
    6.) JacksonAddison
    7.) LiamSophia
    8.) HunterPaisley
    9.) JaxonAbigail
    10.) LeviElla

    How does your state compare?
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    I'm in Kentucky, as well. I hadn't gotten a chance to look at Kentucky's list specifically yet. I don't think I've ever seen the same name just with two different spellings end up in the top 100 like Jackson/Jaxon did though. Funny thing is, I have a Jackson and a Jaxon in my family, although one lives in Indiana. I also know kids with at least 5 of the top names, so the list isn't terribly surprising.

    Btw, where did you find Kentucky's list? I went to the SSA website, but it still lists 2015 for the most recent year by state. 2016 is available otherwise.
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    I just got done looking at my state (Illinois). I mainly looked just to see where my favorite names fall compared to last year and I'm happy to say a lot of my shortlisted names dropped quite a few places!

    Natalie only dropped 4 places, while Audrey dropped from 26 to 41. Zoey is now more popular than Zoe and ranks high when you combine the spellings but both have still dropped in use (Zoey down one spot 35 to 36, Zoe from 32 to 45). I tried to do a playground analysis on Zoe/Zoey and last year combined they would've been around #8 while this year they're probably about #13.

    Nolan dropped from 50 to 65 which I'm surprised by. Zachary actually moved from 83 to 82 even though 2016 brought us less Zacharys than 2015 (177 vs 197). Interesting how that works.

    I haven't been able to look at the popularity of Morgan (male) or Miranda because neither rank in the top 100. I'll have to see if there's a top 1000 for state data.

    Off to go campare my state against the national top 100! Can't wait to see what others find!
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    Also I find it interesting how the number of births break at different ranks per gender. For example, (in my state) on the boys side you have to go all the way to name number 26 to start seeing birth numbers leave the 400s. On the girls side you only have to go to number 13 to leave the 400 mark. Sometimes what I'll do is look at the birth numbers of a favorite name and compare it to the opposite gender. For example, in my state Nolan is #65 with 233 boys given that name. If I look at the girls data, Camila and Hannah both have about 230 girls given that name but they rank up at #34 and 35. Just for fun I like to then think back to how often I run into a Camila or Hannah and it kinda helps me gage the possible odds of me hearing Nolan around me, if that makes sense. By no means is it a guaranteed way to predict playground popularity (popularity pockets definitely exist within each state) but it is kinda neat to see how girls vs boys birth numbers rank
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    Here's the ones from Jersey that surprised me:

    Luca (65 in NJ, 151 in US)
    Moshe (74 in NJ, 562 in US)
    Jake (87 in NJ, 242 in US)
    Nicolas (96 in NJ, 194 in US)

    Valentina (30 in NJ, 106 in US)
    Esther (34 in NJ, 183 in US)
    Miriam (49 in NJ, 293 in US)
    Rachel (52 in NJ, 173 in US)
    Chana (73 in NJ, 774 in US)
    Chaya (75 in NJ, 710 in US)
    Rivka (82 in NJ, 860 in US)
    Juliette (87 in NJ, 199 in US)
    Sienna (96 in NJ, 236 in US)
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