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    Looking for baby name ideas

    Hi all, my girlfriend is expecting in December 2017 and as a dad to be I am overwhelmed with everything I need to think about (I have no idea how the other half is coping).

    So we have talked about baby names and we are very open to ideas. I have put my thought process here: (any feedback would be appreciated).

    Thanks in advance

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    I think a good place to start would be your story as a couple. For example if you met in france you might consider names like Brielle , Lilou or Paris for your daughter. Or if you guys love being near water you might consider River for a son. I read your blog and it seems you like quite vintage names. I think you would really like Gemma , Martha or Sophie. Unique but traditional. For a boy Samson , Leo (short for Leonard) or Edwin seem like your cup of tea.
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    ➵ Amaryllis Thea ➵ Zelda Caroline ➵ Posey Alexandra ➵ Geneva Maisie ➵
    ➵ Jubilee Cora ➵ Bonnie Pearl ➵ Kerensa Violet ➵ Auburn Evangeline ➵

    ➵ Sybil Rain ➵ Posey Alexandra ➵ Dahlia Kate ➵ Connelly Autumn ➵
    ➵ Hadassah Mae ➵ Dorothy Calla ➵ Henrietta Lily ➵ Albany Colette ➵

    ➵ Dawn Isabelle ➵ Veronica Daisy ➵ Bethan Joy ➵ Oakley Florence ➵
    ➵ Wren Abigail ➵ Penrose Clara ➵ Shiloh Arabella ➵ Evanna Hazel ➵

    ➵ Andie Linnea ➵ Clove Georgia ➵ Emerald Amelia ➵ Serena Poppy ➵

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