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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    My sisters' names and mine are (in order) Ashley (me), Jaclyn and Elise. I've always thought that my name (Ashley) was out of place. My name was in the top 10 when I was born but my sisters' names weren't even in the top 200 when they were born. I was always Ashley O. because there were always more than one Ashley in my grade. Whereas my sisters were just Jaclyn and Elise. They were the only Jaclyn and the only Elise in their grade. Jaclyn was also the only Jaclyn/Jacquline/Jacklynn in the school that spelled her name like that. I've wanted something different for as long as I can remember. If only my mother could have been more creative. -_-

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    I agree with several above; the matchy quality is hard to swallow. I know a bro/sis named Morgan and Megan. They're practically the same name!

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    I think that of my sibling names. In order, they are Angela Nicole, Casey Jo, and Emma Grace. So, so disjointed. (Granted, there is quite an age gap between me (Casey), and my younger sister Emma).

    Probably the strangest sibset I've ever come across was Miriam, Naomi, Simon, and... Destiny. I'd much rather be a Naomi or a Miriam than a Destiny!
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    When I was in school I worked part time for a doctor who had five children:
    James Lathan (Lathan)
    William Chase (Chase)
    Amantha Elizabeth (Amantha)
    Sabra Kathleen (Sabra)
    Roberta Susan (Susan)

    Roberta Susan??? She was named after her grandparents but I think this name is so out-of-whack with the others.

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    Ooh! Samantha, Jennifer and Aroha (Maori for love). There was meaning behind Aroha's name but seems so out of place!

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