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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    I remember when I was little I played with a couple of American girls on holiday who were staying on the same campsite as us. They introduced themselves as Jackie and Katie, and knowing a couple of adult Jackies I assumed this girl's real name was Jacqueline. No, it turned out as she was getting told off by her mother one day. It was Jackson. I don't know if Katie's name was short for anything but Katie and Jackson seem a real mismatched sister pairing to me.

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    I know three boys - Leroy, Curtis and Arlo. Always felt like Arlo got lucky in the name department. Also, there's this singer called Jimmy Barnes who I love (being a bogan at heart. The aussies will know him) and his kids are called Mahalia, Eliza-Jane, Jackie and Ellie-May.
    Thing is, Jackie is a boy and I always wondered if he felt a bit jipped that his name didn't differentiate him as being the brother... Still, I grew up thinking Jackie was a pretty rad name for a boy!

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    Hiram & Paul
    I live in an area with few Jews but grew up in an area with tons of them. The mom was shocked that I pronounced Hiram correctly. They went a different direction when pregnant with Paul because of all the problems with Hiram. They mostly call him Hy

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    Kala_way, that's exactly what I think! I would never name my kids two names starting with the same letter...that just screams tacky.
    It's more important that the names aren't matchy. I'd rather see Cole & Chase over Cole & Joel

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    It's more important that the names aren't matchy. I'd rather see Cole & Chase over Cole & Joel
    Amen! Rhyming names are just horrendous.

    Though my name and my husband's name rhyme. It's the first thing people comment on when they meet us. Not that it's something we can help.
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    Ooh! I was thinking about this the other day. Family friends have Bridger, Bastian, & Blythe, but recently had their fourth. I was expecting some cool and uncommon B name, but he was born Braedan! It made me so sad.

    My cousins are also Gillian and Paige, not the best names but pretty and feminine and not overused, and they have a sister named Cameron. She was almost a Katherine, and I feel like she got some bad luck with the masculine trendy name!

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