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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitthegreat View Post
    I know a family with twins Vance and Lance, older sister Chance, and younger brother Beau. It's like the parents weren't planning on another baby and decided to abandon their theme.
    That reminds me - My sisters are K3!!y and Sh3!!y... and I'm Suzanna, but got told often that it was because the only thing left to rhyme with my sisters was smelly But, overall, I'm glad that I'm not Nelly or just plain Elly/Ellie and I love carrying my grandmother's name

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    A woman I knew had grandchildren Louis, Gareth Jnr, Donnie & Chace. I knew her a number of years ago and I still think about it hahahaha Louis just stands out to me. Its the best one though. In my opinion of course :-)

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    I knew a set of sisters growing up called Samantha and Lee. It always just seemed uneven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marykathryn View Post
    When Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller welcomed their twins Bob and Max I couldn't help but cringe. It's like naming your kids Anne and Emmeline. I hate how parents don't take into account the degrees of the names they are naming their children.
    What's wrong with Anne and Emmeline? I mean, sure Anne is more of a classic with great historical references and compared to that, Emmeline is just a little too sugarsweet, but surely Anne and Emmeline isn't as bad as say Maddasyn and Josephine. Don't think Bob and Max is that bad of a sibset either (only Bob is slightly more dated than Max).

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Hah! From I opened this thread and started reading I was waiting for this response, from you! And I agree, Olga is a lovely name.
    Well, it had to be said
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