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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    I know someone who named their kids Winston, Emma, Alexandra, and Annalee. Very mismatched. I would much rather be an Annalee than an Emma. Winston sounds like an old man name, imo.

    P.S. Okay, I kinda regret saying that about naming your kids with the same first initial. Not always tacky.
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    I don't like matchy matchy names in sibsets but agree there has to be some sort of cohesion/equality in there... I like keeping with same origins or similar meanings...i hate it when theres a weird theme going that leaves one or 2 kids with odd ball names or spellings because the "theme" overtook everything...
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    Speaking of matchy matchy - I know sisters, only a year or two apart, called Charmaine and Charlene.

    Hello, parents - it's practically the same name!!

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    Researching my family tree I came across a set of sisters: Mary, Rachel, Juanita, and Hannah

    Sibsets that make you go "hmmm" haha

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    Eep, just remembered - I also know a sibset of Kaia, McKenzie, Skyla and June.

    Yes, June.


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