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    Nickname change?

    I'm headed off to college this fall, and I'm tired of my hard to pronounce, mouthful of a name, Damaris. It really doesn't fit me, but i do, however, have a few choices for nicknames.

    Merit: My family nickname

    Marit: Royal Scandinavian version with a lovely meaning (pearl), but I worry about mispronunciation

    Merritt: More feminine, I feel, but sort of long.

    Marie: The most common, least likely to be messed up variant

    Any opinions? Thanks so much!

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    I like Marie, and Marit.

    Also: Maria, Mara, Maris, Demi, Amy, Ari, Aris, Reese.
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    How do you pronounce it? "duh-MAIR-is" is what I'm used to so I can't imagine anyone mispronouncing it

    If your fam calls you Merit then why not go with that? You're already used to it

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    I like Marie, but what about something like Damie? I particularly like the d-a-m combo and wouldn't want to put it to waste.

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    I like Merit a lot!
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