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    Wdyt of Sedona?? Thoughts and opinions please

    Hello everyone, I really need your help with the baby girl name Sedona, I already know about the reference to car but that doesn't bother me, Sedona is originally a place not a car...
    What are the positives and negatives
    What image do you get from the name Sedona and how do imagine the girl
    Does it sound exotic and international or very "American" and some what trashy?
    I really need your advice
    Is it better than Paris and london? Or worse then sienna and savannah?
    Thank you!!!!

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    The image I get is of big red rocks.
    It doesn't sound exotic to me, because I only live a few hours from the place. To me it's like halfway between Sequoia and Sienna or Sierra. I don't know that it's better or worse than those, just a bit more unique and less European and fluffy than Paris/London.
    I don't hate it. I guess Sena would be a nice nickname.
    It's hard for me to get a picture of a girl with this name because it's such a word/place name to me.

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    I love Sedona. It makes me think of Sedona, Arizona and all those gorgeous red rocks and firey sunsets and spirtualaity out in the desert. I considered it myself but it sounded considerably more modern than I generally like which was the only reason I veoted it.

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    I love Sedona the place, and think that it could be cute as a name. Just make sure that she would never want to live in Arizona, as that could be awkward for her in the future. I happen to personally dislike the name Paris and do like Sienna, but to each their own

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    I have never heard of it before but I LOVE it! I have been searching for good place names recently.

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