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    10 weeks to go and no list!

    Still searching for the perfect name for girl #4! We just can't seem to agree on a name, there are a few we like but just don't love them. Looking for something that goes really well with our other three:

    Madelyn Jo
    Alayna Grey
    Clayre Rylee

    The name must contain a Y. My husband likes classic names, I am wanting something that is not to common but nothing to crazy here in the northern US. My hubby is Norweign so Scandinavian names are cool with him Oh and our last name is SUPER common and ends in SON so I am not a fan of names ending in son. PLEASE give us some lists!!

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    My first thought was Freya. It's of Scandenavian origin, and it has a Y in it. I think it would go well with your other daughters. Some middle name ideas:

    Freya Rosalie
    Freya Taylor
    Freya Margot
    Freya Imogen
    Freya Eleanor
    Freya Nell
    Freya Helene
    Freya Rose
    Freya Mae
    Freya Lydia
    Freya Libby
    Freya Elizabeth
    Freya Jane
    Freya Juliet

    Hope that helps!

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