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    "E" names with Rachel...

    If some of you may remember, Rachel is one of my favorite girls' names, and I'd like to use an "E" MN with it to honor my sister (whose initials are RE, as well). I am 100% in love with my current combo (Rachel Evangeline), and have been for probably years now, but I'm also 100% decided on using two MNs, and I am finding it hard to make a second MN work with Rachel Evangeline, which is already long and flowy and very girly. Any second MN I find to pair with it doesn't seem as great as just Rachel Evangeline is, so I've decided to branch out and see if there's another "E" MN I like with Rachel just as much, which will work just as well.

    So far I've tossed around Rachel Emma, Rachel Eve, Rachel Eva, and Rachel Emilia. I like Emilia because it's essentially my great-grandma's MN, but I'm even less sure about that than the others. I'd like something a bit fresh and unexpected (i.e., no Elizabeth/Elise/Emily) since Rachel is already quite familiar and even dated to a lot of people--I'd like something that freshens up Rachel to most people, without overshadowing it.

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Rachel Evangeline is gorgeous. still my favorite of the ones you listed above... what about ---

    Rachel Evangeline Claire
    Rachel Evangeline Grace

    Rachel Evangeline Faith
    Rachel Evangeline Hope
    Rachel Evangeline Joy -- haha - seem to have a theme going!!

    or JUST Rachel Evangeline alone is beautiful !!!

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    Ok, I'm a big fan of Rachel Evangeline, but I can see how this is long when you want to add a second mn.

    I've been looking at the name and I think what I really like about the flow is the "eline" part. I checked NB and Eline is a name, perhaps nn.

    Rachel Eline (I think it's pretty, but don't know if it's too made up sounding?)

    Of your choices,
    I like Rachel Emilia the best! I think it lightens up Rachel and gives it a pretty flow.

    I'm not loving the other choices, there's something about pairing Eve with Rachel that doesn't work for me. It might be better when a second mn is added. I think you could do better than Rachel Emma as well.

    Other ideas that I'm not sure is your style:
    Rachel Eden
    Rachel Emerson
    Rachel Ever(ly)
    Rachel Emory
    Rachel Embeth
    Rachel Estelle
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    The trouble with Rachel is that is ends with an "l" and therefore runs into names that begin with vowels such as "E". Since it's honoring your sister, this problem can be overlooked . Many mythological names would liven Rachel up a bit! Here are some suggestions.

    Rachel Eglantine
    Rachel Esmeralda
    Rachel Euphemia
    Rachel Eudora
    Rachel Eurydice
    Rachel Evelina
    Rachel Evadne
    Rachel Eugenie
    Rachel Eirlys
    Rachel Eirene
    Rachel Eponine
    Rachel Esmé
    Rachel Esperanza
    Rachel Eurynome
    Rachel Eunomia
    Rachel Eurosyne
    Rachel Eudocia
    Rachel Epifania
    Rachel Erendira
    Rachel Effemy
    Rachel Edana
    Rachel Estée
    Rachel Ediva
    Rachel Epona
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