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    DH: Trevor Matthew
    DW: Meghan Patricia

    1. You adopt a baby boy from England
    Julian Franco

    2. You have G/G/G triplets
    Cora Emily
    Alexa Grace
    Lydia Claire

    3. You move to a farm and get three horses. Names:

    4. You buy a new car! What kind?
    Red Fiat 500

    5. You adopt 2 girls and 1 boy (siblings) from Kenya.
    Lucy Georganne (3)
    Sophie Lillian (2)
    Eric Andrew (4 months)

    6. You move to a new house! What does it look like?
    Large blue/gray farmhouse in the country with 10 bedrooms--you know you want a big family!

    7. Something amazing happens! What happened?
    Your neighbors move and you buy some of their property to begin farming.

    8. You get a puppy! What kind?
    Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Bertie

    9. You get a puppy! What kind?
    Husky named Greta

    10. You have a baby girl! Name:
    Zara Margaret

    11. You have G/G twins.
    Vera Ellen
    Thea Hazel

    12. You buy a new car! What kind?
    Green Ford Escape

    13. You buy a horse! Name:

    14. Something amazing happens! What happened?
    You win a contest to have your house remodeled

    15. You have B/B twins.
    Noah Martin
    Eli Samuel

    Your family one year later:
    Trevor (41)
    Meghan (39)
    Julian (15)
    Cora (14)
    Alexa (14)
    Lydia (14)
    Lucy (14)
    Sophie (13)
    Eric (11)
    Zara (6)
    Vera (5)
    Thea (5)
    Noah (1)
    Eli (1)

    Ebony, Roan, Ivory (13)
    Calloway (3)

    Bertie (8)
    Greta (7)

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    Your Name: Christina Vail
    His Name: Robert Anthony

    Year 1: B/B Twins! Theodore Jesse & Zachary Brice

    Year 2: Miscarried

    Year 3: Adopt a girl from China! Sabrina Gwyneth (nb)

    Year 4: Move to a farm and get 3 horses: Jameson, King, & Rouge.

    Year 5: Robert gets a new job as a contractor.

    Year 6: Miscarried

    Year 7: Adopt 2 girls and a boy (siblings)! Jayla Natalie (8), Bailey Crystal (3), & Sullivan Cory (1).

    Year 8: Get a Labrador Retriever! Benny

    Year 9: Robert's mother passes away.

    Year 10: Start a clothing making business with my sister!

    Year 11: Move to a farm in England!

    Year 12: Miscarried

    Year 13: Baby girl! Molly Jade

    Year 14: Miscarried

    Year 15: Move to a larger farm house.

    DW: Christina Vail
    DH: Robert Anthony

    DAD: Jayla Natalie (16)
    DS/DS: Theodore Jesse & Zachary Brice (14)
    DAD: Sabrina Gwyneth (12)
    DAD: Bailey Crystal (11)
    DAS: Sullivan Cory (9)
    DD: Molly Jade (2)
    Horses: Jameson, King, & Rouge
    Dog: Benny (7)
    Cleo Magnolia | Noa Jean | Indie Ophelia | Zinnia Margot | Aubrey Thea | Evanna Daisy
    Wendy Adelaide | Selah Bridget | Harlowe Astrid | Kit Delilah

    Gideon Knox | Callum Vade | Porter Elias | Corban Atticus | Fletcher Dean | Clayton Miles
    Zion August | Deacon Tate | Lachlan Wyatt | Luca Prescott

    vote on my name list:

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    Anna Vivienne, a teacher and amateur writer, & Weston "Wes" Samuel Thompson, an artist, are newlyweds living in Denver, Colorado.
    Year 1: Move to Tokyo, Japan.
    Year 2: Anna gets a new job as an English teacher.
    Year 3: Adopt a cat named Nami.
    Year 4: Something amazing happens: Anna writes a book, gets published, and becomes a best seller!
    Year 5: Twin boys are born! Aaron Charles & Jonah Weston Thompson.
    Year 6: Twin girls are born! Lucy Vivienne & Clara Natalie Thompson.
    Year 7: Twin boys are born! Henry Samuel & Isaac John Thompson.
    Year 8: Buy a horse named Merry.
    Year 9: Husband gets a new job as in visual development for an animation studio.
    Year 10: Adopt a bulldog puppy named Zoro.
    Year 11: Move to a farm and buy three more horses: Sunny, Robin, & Brook.
    Year 12: Miscarried a baby.
    Year 13: Quadruplets are born! 1 boy and 3 girls: Jacob "Jake" Evan, Hazel Jane, Ellen Grace, & Nora May Thompson.
    Year 14: Move to Stockholm, Sweden.
    Year 15: Twin boys are born! Soren Christoper & Tyler Sean Thompson

    15 years after getting married, Wes & Anna Thompson are living on a farm outside of Stockholm, Sweden with four horses, a cat, a dog, and 12 children: Aaron & Jonah (10), Lucy & Clara (9), Henry & Isaac (8); Jake, Hazel, Ellen, & Nora (2), and newborns Soren & Tyler.

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    Your name: James Lucifer
    His name: Rosalie Faye

    Year 1: Just after we are married, James is offered a job in advertising.

    Year 2: We welcome our first children: twin boys! We name them Zachary Landon and Daniel Benjamin.

    Year 3: Rosalie takes on a new job as a nursing assistant.

    Year 4: We move to a new house (4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths) in order to accommodate our hopefully growing family.

    Year 5: We are pregnant again, but unfortunately suffer a miscarriage.

    Year 6: We adopt a puppy for the boys, an adorable black Labrador whom the boys name Shadow.

    Year 7: We finally welcome our third child: a beautiful baby girl. We name her Savanna Marie.

    Year 8: For a much needed vacation, James and Rosalie take a road trip to San Diego, CA.

    Year 9: We find out we are pregnant, and amazingly, we have conceived identical triplets! We welcome three beautiful daughters: Emma Lucille, Lila Michelle, and Aria Katherine.

    Year 10: Not a year after the triplets are born, we welcome our second set of twin boys! We name them Thomas Jacob and Theodore James.

    Year 11: Incredibly, we are again pregnant with a THIRD set of twin boys. They arrive safely and soundly, are we name them Joshua Matthew and Lucas Elijah.

    Year 12: An incredible job opportunity arises for James, and so we move our family to London, England!

    Year 13: We are moved to expand our family by adopting, and welcome an adorable baby girl from China, whom we name Jasmine Lei.

    Year 14: After taking some time off to care for the family, Rosalie finds a new job in London as a nursing assistant.

    Year 15: Incredibly, we find out that our daughter Jasmine has a biological older sister who is still in need of a home, so of course we welcome her into our family. She is six years old and her name is Meiling Lian.

    Our family after 15 years:

    DS/DS: Zachary Landon & Daniel Benjamin (13)
    DD: Savanna Marie (8)
    DD/DD/DD: Emma Lucille, Lila Michelle, & Aria Katherine (6)
    DAD: Meiling Lian (6)
    DS/DS: Thomas Jacob & Theodore James (5)
    DS/DS: Joshua Matthew & Lucas Elijah (4)
    DAD: Jasmine Lei (2)

    Zac, Daniel, Savanna, Emma, Lila, Aria, Mei, Thomas, Theo, Josh, Luke, & Jasmine
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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    Your name: Elisabeth Grace Parker (23)
    His name: James William Parker (24)

    Year one: James' Nana passed this year. He takes a few days off of work to grieve, but he doesn't enjoy Christmas this year.

    Year two: We find out that there's a baby girl in Russia for us to adopt. We're incredibly excited, and are able to make her officially ours in June. We keep her Russian first name as a middle name, and give her a new first name. Bridget Irina is a joy, and we love her so much.

    Year three: In December of last year we found out that we were pregnant! Birdie had her birthday in February, and we welcomed our new baby girl to the world in May. We named her Cecily Anne, and she fits in with our little family very well.

    Year four: This year we get another call from the adoption agency telling us that they have a baby boy for us. Walter Augustine was born in England, and we are able to make him officially ours in January of next year.

    Year five: We decide to take a summer vacation to Hawaii this year. Birdie and Lily love playing on the beach, and splashing about in the ocean with James. Walt is a little too young to really understand everything, but he loves being with everyone.

    Year six: We adopt another baby this year. Alfred Yuri comes to us from Russia, and he's officially ours in September. The girls love having another baby in the house, and Walt likes having a baby brother. Alfie is a happy baby, and gurgles all the time.

    Year seven: We take another vacation this year. It's a short, Christmas holiday to Paris. We enjoy walking around the city looking at all of the sights. The girls like seeing the Eiffel tower, and suggest we take it home with us! Walt and Alfie prefer to eat the local treats instead of sightseeing.

    Year eight: James got a new job this year. He transferred firms, and now works for a much larger accountancy firm. He enjoys it a lot more there, and his pay is a little higher as well!

    Year nine: We adopted a cat this year. She's a Persian, and we named her Fluffs. The children adore her, and she seems to have settled in very well.

    Year ten: Birdie has been begging for riding lessons for years, and she started last year. She adores it, and we can tell that she'll be passionate about it when she's older. For her birthday we decide to get her a horse. She picks out a black Welsh Cob, who she names Bolt, and she helps muck him out and feed him. She lets Lily help sometimes too, but the boys don't want anything to do with him.

    Year eleven: This year we decide to buy a puppy for the family. He's a husky, and is very friendly and energetic. The boys name his Buzz, and he fits in well with our family. Fluffs ignores him mostly, although they do try and play together occasionally.

    Year twelve: We decide to get a friend for Fluffs. She's looking a bit lonely, and has started snapping at the children. We buy another Persian cat named Rags, and the two cats get on very well.

    Year thirteen: I discover I'm pregnant in early January, and the doctor confirms that I'm having twins! We welcome the girls in early September. Agnes Penelope and Edith Rosemary are gorgeous, and the older children adore them. Walt and Alfie are a little put out at having two more sisters, but they enjoy their baby snuggles as much as the girls do.

    Year fourteen: In August I find out that I'm pregnant again, this time there's only one baby in there, thank goodness! He's a boy, and is due late March of next year. We've decided to name his Frederick James, and the boys seem excited to have a baby brother.

    Year fifteen: The firm that James works for has gone bust, so he has to find a new job once again. It takes a couple of months, but eventually he's hired, and our money worries fade away.

    Your name: Elisabeth Grace Parker (38)
    His name: James William Parker (39)
    DAD: Bridget Irina Parker (13)
    DD: Cecily Anne Parker (12)
    DAS: Walter Augustine Parker (11)
    DAS: Alfred Yuri Parker (9)
    DD/DD: Agnes Penelope Parker and Edith Rosemary Parker (2)
    DS: Frederick James Parker (1)

    Beth and James Parker with Birdie, Lily, Walt, Alfie, Aggie, Edie, and Freddie
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Keren Theodosia ♥ Clara Tempest ♥ Eloise Clarity :.
    .: Polly Jamesina ♥ Yvaine Celia ♥ Freya Guinevere :.

    Little gents
    .: Asher Bellamy ♥ Vander Ignatius ♥ Lennon Samuel :.
    .: Finley Balthasar ♥ Jago Fletcher ♥ Isaac Bravery :.

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