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    DH: Trevor Matthew
    DW: Meghan Patricia

    1. You adopt a baby boy from England
    Julian Franco

    2. You have G/G/G triplets
    Cora Emily
    Alexa Grace
    Lydia Claire

    3. You move to a farm and get three horses. Names:

    4. You buy a new car! What kind?
    Red Fiat 500

    5. You adopt 2 girls and 1 boy (siblings) from Kenya.
    Lucy Georganne (3)
    Sophie Lillian (2)
    Eric Andrew (4 months)

    6. You move to a new house! What does it look like?
    Large blue/gray farmhouse in the country with 10 bedrooms--you know you want a big family!

    7. Something amazing happens! What happened?
    Your neighbors move and you buy some of their property to begin farming.

    8. You get a puppy! What kind?
    Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Bertie

    9. You get a puppy! What kind?
    Husky named Greta

    10. You have a baby girl! Name:
    Zara Margaret

    11. You have G/G twins.
    Vera Ellen
    Thea Hazel

    12. You buy a new car! What kind?
    Green Ford Escape

    13. You buy a horse! Name:

    14. Something amazing happens! What happened?
    You win a contest to have your house remodeled

    15. You have B/B twins.
    Noah Martin
    Eli Samuel

    Your family one year later:
    Trevor (41)
    Meghan (39)
    Julian (15)
    Cora (14)
    Alexa (14)
    Lydia (14)
    Lucy (14)
    Sophie (13)
    Eric (11)
    Zara (6)
    Vera (5)
    Thea (5)
    Noah (1)
    Eli (1)

    Ebony, Roan, Ivory (13)
    Calloway (3)

    Bertie (8)
    Greta (7)

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