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    Your name: Nora Elizabeth Britton
    His name: Matthew James Britton

    Year One: You have G/G twins.
    Elizabeth Rowan and Amelie Claire

    Year Two:You have a baby boy.
    Gavin Jude

    Year Three: You move to a farm and get three horses. What are their names?
    Poppy, a dappled grey and white pony; Starling, a black horse; and Dean, a pinto horse.

    Year Four: You adopt a cat! What kind?
    A white cat, who Elizabeth named Cupcake.

    Year Five: You adopt a baby girl from China.
    Sophia Meiling

    Year Six: You have G/G twins.
    Catherine Ophelia and Rose Anneliese

    Year Seven: You move to a new country! Where?

    Year Eight: You have a baby girl.
    Emmeline Mireille

    Year Nine: You get a puppy! What kind?
    A golden retriever puppy named Daisy

    Year Ten: You miscarried a baby.

    Year Eleven: You adopt a baby girl from Russia.
    Anastasiya Rose "Anya"

    Year Twelve: You go on vacation! Where?
    To Disneyland in America.

    Year Thirteen: You have G/G/G Triplets.
    Alice Camellia, River Amaryllis and Sybil Hyacinth

    Year Fourteen: You buy a horse! Name?
    A brown clydesdale named Clive

    Year Fifteen: You have B/B twins.
    Rory Alexander and Luke Sebastian

    Nora and Matthew + Elizabeth, Amelie, Gavin, Sophia, Catherine, Rose, Emmeline, Anya, Alice, River, Sybil, Rory and Luke

    Elizabeth and Amelie (15)
    Gavin (14)
    Sophia (10)
    Catherine and Rose (9)
    Emmeline (7)
    Anya (4)
    Alice, River and Sybil (3)
    Rory and Luke (nb)

    ♥♥♥ Elizabeth ~ Alice ~ Anneliese ~ Violet ~ Eve ~ Mireille ~ Amelie ~ Catherine ~ Emmeline ~ River ~ Sophia ~ Rose ~ Eliska ~ Sybil ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ James ~ Lysander ~ Rory ~ Hugo ~ Gavin ~ Niles ~ Salem ~ Bennett ~ Callum ~ Noah ~ Jude ~ Patrick ~ Luke ~ Owen ♥♥♥

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    Your name: Noelle Erzebet Hannigan (nee Barton)
    His name: Steven Vance Hannigan

    Your outcome:

    Year One: 3,6: You buy a new car! what kind? A black 09 Volkswagen Tiguan

    Year Two: 5,3: You adopt a baby boy from Austrailla. His name is Adam Lang Hannigan

    Year Three: 6,4: You have a baby girl! name? Sadie Anne Hannigan

    Year Four: 4,2: You have a baby boy, Jeremy Sean Hannigan

    Year Five: 5,5: You move to a farm and get 3 horses! names? Morgan, Junior, Santana

    Year Six: 2,2: Your husband gets a new job! what is it? Doctor at an Oncology ward in a Hospital

    Year Seven: 6,4: You have a baby girl! name? Maison Jean Hannigan

    Year Eight: 5,1: Family member passes away. Who? Steven's sister in a car accident.

    Year Nine: 4,4: You go on a road trip with Steven! where? Los Angeles, California

    Year Ten: 1,1: You have G/G/G triplets. Lillian Michelle Hannigan, Lena May Hannigan, Lindy Marie Hannigan

    Year Eleven: 6,6: You adopt 2 girls 1 boy siblings from? Ireland, Kennedy Layne Hannigan, Kassidy Lynn Hannigan, Keagan Landon Hannigan

    Year Twelve: 2,1: You start a buisness w/ your sister! what is it? A Florist shop

    Year Thirteen: 1,6: You have B/B/B triplets. Garret Kane Hannigan, Greyson Kale Hannigan, Gideon Kyle Hannigan

    Year Fourteen: 1,2: You have multiples of your choice. Twin Girls, Bayley Grace Hannigan, Brennan Gale Hannigan

    Year Fifteen: 1,4: You have G/G/B triplets. Zoey Brianne Hannigan, Zena Bryn Hannigan, Zane Brendan Hannigan

    Adam Lang Hannigan (13)
    Sadie Anne Hannigan (12)
    Jeremy Sean Hannigan (11)
    Maison Jean Hannigan (8)
    Lillian Michelle Hannigan (5)
    Lena May Hannigan (5)
    Lindy Marie Hannigan (5)
    Kennedy Layne Hannigan (4)
    Kassidy Lynn Hannigan(4)
    Keagan Landon Hannigan (4)
    Garret Kane Hannigan (2)
    Greyson Kale Hannigan (2)
    Gideon Kyle Hannigan (2)
    Bayley Grace Hannigan (1)
    Brennan Gale Hannigan (1)
    Zoey Brianne Hannigan (Newborn)
    Zena Bryn Hannigan (Newborn)
    Zane Brendan Hannigan (Newborn)

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    DW: Alyssa Lorraine
    DH: Jacob Oliver

    1: You have a baby girl, you name her Willow Anastasia.
    2: You have twin girls and name them Everly Skye & Hadley Juliette.
    3: You get a shihtzu puppy and name him Cosmo!
    4: You go on a road trip with the hubby to Myrtle Beach, SC!
    5: You open up a spa with your sister. It's a huge success!
    6: You have twin boys and name them Milo Cruz & Phoenix Trace.
    7: You have a baby girl and name her Jasmine Brielle.
    8: You buy a new car! A mustang.
    9: You have twins again, and name them Jude Hendrix & Lacey Delilah.
    10: You have a baby girl and name her Audrina Faye.
    11: Your husband gets a new job as a physical therapist!
    12: You have a baby boy and name him Sebastian Micah.

    Alyssa + Jacob = Willow, Everly, Hadley, Milo, Phoenix, Jasmine, Jude, Lacey, Audrina, Sebastian.
    Mommy to Marshall Evan - June '17

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    Your name: Wendla
    His name: Jesse

    1: We have a baby girl! Her name is Eliza Joan.
    2: We buy a house!
    3: We move to a farm and get three horses! Their names are Snap, Crackle and Pop.
    4: We have a baby girl! Her name is Julia Bernadette.
    5: We go on a road trip! We go to New York City.
    6: Something amazing happens! We go on a trip across Europe.
    7: We have a baby boy! His name is Leo Augustin.
    8: We have G/G twins! Their names are Alice Lior & Mira Elise.
    9: I get a new job! I open my own bakery.
    10: We buy a new car! A mini van to fit all seven of us.
    11: We adopt a baby boy from Australia! His name is Dáire Jonathan.
    12: We adopt a baby girl from China! Her name is Penelope Ann.
    13: We have B/B/B triplets! Their names are Felix Abram, Sebastian James & Theodore Michael.
    14: We have a baby girl! Her name is Lior Antoinette.
    15: Jesse gets a new job! He's now a freelance writer.

    Wendla (41) & Jesse (41)
    Eliza Joan (15)
    Julia Bernadette (12)
    Leo Augustin (9)
    Alice Lior & Mira Elise (8)
    Dáire Jonathan (5)
    Penelope Ann (4)
    Felix Abram, Sebastian James & Theodore Michael (3)
    Lior Antoinette (2)

    Wendla & Jesse :: Liza, Julia, Leo, Alice, Mira, Dáire, Penny, Felix, Bastian, Teddy & Lior.
    Anna ~ Diana ~ Isabel ~ Julia ~ Lea ~ Luz ~ Mira ~ Penelope ~ Stella ~ Valeria
    Agustin ~ Damian ~ Elias ~ Felix ~ Leo ~ Martin ~ Oscar ~ Sebastian ~ Tobias ~ Valentin

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    LN: King
    DH: Justin Samuel
    DW: Nia Faith

    Year 1: Justin and Nia have twin boys, Bryce Oliver and Owen William.

    Year 2: Justin and Nia have quadruplet boys, Jack Charles, John Kingston, Luke James, and Ryan Gabriel.

    Year 3: Justin and Nia have triplet girls, Emily Paige, Macy Delilah, and Sarah Katherine.Year 4: The King family adopts a terrier, Lane.

    Year 5: Justin and Nia adopt Michael Patrick from England.

    Year 6: Justin and Nia have twin boys, Blake Nicholas and Trenton Xavier.

    Year 7: The King family moves to New Zealand.

    Year 8: Justin and Nia have quadruplet boys, Aaron Cooper, Chase Jacob, Dylan Joshua, and Reese Graham.

    Year 9: Justin and Nia have triplet girls, Hannah Elizabeth, Lena Reagan, and Piper Scarlett.

    Year 10: The King family adopts a cocker spaniel, Sadie.

    Year 11: The King family moves to a farm and gets three horses, Diego, Dean, and Paloma.

    Year 12: The King family adopts a shih tzu, Kiara.

    Year 13: Justin and Nia have quadruplet boys, Caleb Tyson, Gavin Ellis, Noah Spencer, and Reid Tucker.

    Year 14: Nia gets a new job as a teacher.

    Year 15: The King family adopts a pug, Romeo.

    The King Family
    Justin, Nia, Bryce, Owen, Jack, John, Luke, Ryan, Emily, Macy, Sarah, Michael, Blake, Trenton, Aaron, Chase, Dylan, Reese, Hannah, Lena, Piper, Caleb, Gavin, Noah, & Reid

    Lane, Sadie, Kiara, & Romeo (dogs)
    Diego, Dean, & Paloma (horses)

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