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    Benjamin Aaron (23) and Cassandra Barbara Vizetti (24)

    Year 1: We buy a horse names Paisleigh Rosae
    Year 2: We have twin boys! Aaron Michael and Anthony Davis
    Year 3: We all take a family trip to Germany.
    Year 4: I get a new job at the local High School as the head psychologist
    Year 5: Ben's grandmother passes away at 100.
    Year 6: Instead of having a kid yet we buy a dachshund puppy named Macy
    Year 7: The whole family is ecstatic when we find out we are having three girls! Camryn Veronica, Kayana Felicia, and Jayna Nikkolette
    Year 8: Ben gets a job with the FBI!
    Year 9: Patience Avalon is born to our loving family.
    Year 10: The local shelter offers us a cat at the fair we adopt it and name him Wes
    Year 11: We have another miracle we are blessed with twin girls! Hope Ayden and Erika Jayne
    Year 12: We adopt a five week old baby from Australia names Colin
    Year 13: We find out that I am 3 weeks pregnant and are so excited, but 3 weeks later we lose him/her our little angel Payton.
    Year 14: Even though this time last year we lost our baby we are blessed with a baby boy: Levi Gideon
    Year 15: Amazingly, we are able to afford a move to Arizona with Ben's family!

    Aaron and Anthony- 14
    Camryn and Kayana and Jayna- 8
    Patience- 6
    Hope and Erika- 4
    Colin- 4
    Payton RIP
    Levi- 1
    Pets: Wes, Paisleigh and Macy
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    Your name: Bailey Anne MacAlister (nee Lennox)
    His name: Robert Brendan MacAlister

    Year One: We decide to get a puppy in preparation for eventually having children! She’s a little Jack Russell mix who’s thinks she’s very frightening and fierce, so we name her Tiger.

    Year Two: I get pregnant, but sadly miscarried in my third month.

    Year Three: Robert gets offered a job as a software engineer for a company based in Scotland! We move to Edinburgh a few months later and settle down to starting our new lives.

    Year Four: After being married for four years, we finally get pregnant and carry a pregnancy full term! On October 28th, I deliver twin boys: Ronan Alexander and Aiden Robert MacAlister.

    Year Five: We go on a vacation back to the States, to show off the boys to our families and to meet up with old friends back in Boston.

    Year Six: Two years after the twins are born, I get pregnant again! On April 3rd, I give birth to a little boy named Kade Andrew MacAlister.

    Year Seven: A year after Kade is born, I unexpectedly get pregnant again! Our first daughter is born on November 5th, and is named Maggie Kathleen MacAlister, after both of her great-grandmothers.

    Year Eight: Deciding that Tiger is lonely, we adopt another dog. This time its a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, whom we named Lucy.

    Year Nine: Deciding we need some more room, we start looking around the countryside for a house. We find an old castle thats up for sale and immediately fall in love with it and buy it on the spot!

    Year Ten: Two years after Maggie is born, we have another baby girl! On August 16th, Isla Anne MacAlister is born.

    Year Eleven: We get another puppy! This time its a Cairn terrier mix, “a proper Scots dog”, whom we named Stella.

    Year Twelve: Two years after Isla is born, I get pregnant again and have another baby boy! On August 31st, Todd Michael MacAlister is born.

    Year Thirteen: After working on a book on and off for years, I finally finish it and send it in! Its a major hit, and I start writing some more to help my new writing career!

    Year Fourteen: We take another vacation back to the States to show off all the babies!

    Year Fifteen: Two years after Todd is born, we discover that we’re pregnant again! Our youngest daughter is born on January 1st, and is named Kelsey Rose MacAlister.

    Bailey & Robert: Ronan, Aiden, Kade, Maggie, Isla, Todd and Kelsey.

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    DH: Daniel Isaac
    DW: Madison Grace

    1. We adopt a baby boy from England named Harry Owen!
    2. We have a baby girl named Natalya Claire!
    3. Quads! 2 boys, 2 girls! Elliott Michael, James Daniel, Carly Taylor, and Julissa Carys.
    4. We move to a farm and get 3 horses names Star, Patch, and Minnie!
    5. We adopt another baby boy from England named Luca Mason!
    6. Daniel got a new job as a geography teacher!
    7. We get a Doberman puppy name Alpha!
    8. We adopted 2 girls and a boy from Russia! Savya Siryen, Odessa Zaliv, and Aleksei Benedikt.
    9. I have twin boys! Liam Evan and Zayn Riley.
    10. We adopt a boy from Russia! Ivan Dmitri.
    11. We move to England!
    12. I have triplet girls! Emma Faith, Eleanor Grace, and Evangeline Hope.
    13. We adopt a baby girl from China! Xia Mei
    14. We adopt a boy from Australia! Connor Mason
    15. I have a boy! Adrian Timothy.

    Madison and Daniel - Harry, Natalya, Elliott, James, Carly, Juli, Luca, Sav, Dess, Alek, Liam, Zayn, Ivan, Em, Elle, Ev, Xia, Connor, Adrian, Alpha, Star, Patch, and Minnie.
    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    DW: Laura Holiday Israel (nee Page)
    DH: Matthew Romeo Israel

    Year 1: Shortly after marrying, my career as a singer takes off so we decide to move to the United States. We settle in Portland, OR.
    Year 2: I have a miscarriage.
    Year 3: We welcome a baby girl! We call her Harriet "Hattie" Willow May Israel.
    Year 4: We move out of our small 2 bedroom apartment and into a new house. It has 2 full levels with a 1/2 level loft overlooking the open-plan lounge/entertainment room. There are 5 large bedrooms, plus a master bedroom with en suite, 2 other bathrooms, a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and a huge backyard with a deck and pool that are perfect for parties.
    Year 5: Matthew and I welcome boy/boy/girl triplets; Atticus Colin John Israel, Theodore "Teddy" Andrew Glenn Israel and Matilda Lara Hope Israel.
    Year 6: We adopt a baby girl from China. Her name is Francesca "Frankie" Linda Grace Israel.
    Year 7: We think that it's about time we packed up our growing family and hit the road for a holiday! We decide to go to California; San Francisco, Yosemite NP, Los Angeles and Disneyland.
    Year 8: We adopt a baby boy from England. His name is Declan Mercury Jude Israel.
    Year 9: We take our family on another holiday; this time, to Sydney, Australia.
    Year 10: My best friend finds my secret notebook that contains all of my secret ramblings and song ideas. She shows it to her partner, a music producer I used to work with. He thinks that one of my songs will be the perfect first single for his new indie artist. The song goes platinum and I collect royalties.
    Year 11: Our family expands again with the addition of girl/girl/boy triplets; Ruby Stephanie Lark Israel, Xanthe Arizona Skye Israel and Jasper Zachary Loyal Israel.
    Year 12: We decide to buy a horse. We name him Rafferty.
    Year 13: Our brood grows by two - girl/girl twins!! We call them Calliope "Callie" Sarah Quinn Israel and Seraphina "Saffie" Tracey Pearl Israel.
    Year 14: Matthew gets a big promotion at work. After 14 years working as a copywriter at an advertising firm, he is made a partner and given a big raise.
    Year 15: After living away from home for 15 years, Matthew and I decide to adopt a baby boy from our home country - Australia. We call him Owen Christopher Rex Israel.

    My family;
    Laura Holiday Israel
    Matthew Romeo Israel
    Harriet "Hattie" Willow May Israel (age 13)
    Atticus Colin John Israel (age 11)
    Theodore "Teddy" Andrew Glenn Israel (age 11)
    Matilda Lara Hope Israel (age 11)
    Francesca "Frankie" Linda Grace Israel (age 10)
    Declan Mercury Jude Israel (age 8)
    Ruby Stephanie Lark Israel (age 5)
    Xanthe Arizona Skye Israel (age 5)
    Jasper Zachary Loyal Israel (age 5)
    Rafferty Israel (age 4, horse)
    Calliope "Callie" Sarah Quinn Israel (age 3)
    Seraphina "Saffie" Tracey Pearl Israel (age 3)
    Owen Christopher Rex Israel (age 1)
    Laura Janet. 28 years old.

    * Adelaide * Arizona * Calliope * Clementine * Daphne * Francesca * Harriet * Matilda * Ruby * Saskia *

    * Atticus * Declan * Felix * Lachlan * Nathaniel * Owen * Rafferty * Sullivan * Theodore * Vincent *

    Guilty Pleasure Names:
    * Bellamy * Magnolia * Temperance * Wilhelmina * Xanthe *
    * Archibald * Crosby * Fitzwilliam * Heathcliff * Lysander *

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    New Hampshire
    Jessica Rose
    Nathan Frederick

    Year 1: You move to a different country. Ireland
    Year 2: You move to a different country. Canada
    Year 3: You have multiple of your choice. Alexander Owen and Evan Thomas
    Year 4: You adopt a cat! Holly J
    Year 5: Your husband gets a new job! He opens a bar
    Year 6: You miscarried a baby.
    Year 7: You have quadruplets! Stella Claire, Julie Soleil, Heather Ava, and Jack Vincent
    Year 8: You move to a farm and get 3 horses! Polka, Hula, and Tango
    Year 9: You go on a road trip with DH! NYC
    Year 10: You have G/G twins. Bridget Paige and Leah Elizabeth
    Year 11: You buy a horse! Salsa
    Year 12: You get a puppy! A Chihuahua named Batman
    Year 13: You go on vacation! Paris, France
    Year 14: You have B/B twins. Patrick Adam and Daniel Mark
    Year 15: You buy a new car!

    Jess and Nate w/
    Alexander (13), Evan (13), Stella (9), Julie (9), Heather (9), Jack (9), Bridget (6), Leah (6), Patrick (2), and Daniel (2)

    Horses: Polka, Hula, Tango, and Salsa
    Cat: Holly J
    Dog: Batman

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