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    Ft. Myers
    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell)

    We get married in 2017 when Mike is 30 and I'm 23.

    Year 1: 2018
    1. 5. We have twin boys. We name them Wyatt Allen Foster and Elliot Micheal Foster.

    Year 2: 2019
    5. 1. My maternal grandfather passes away.

    Year 3: 2020
    2. 2. Mike gets a new job as a College Professor

    Year 4: 2021
    1. 2. We have triplets, all girls. We name them Lucy Ireland Foster, Aurora "Rory" Brooklyn Foster, and Gemma Scotlynn Foster.

    Year 5: 2022
    3. 6. Mike and I buy a new car for the family, a KIA Sorento.

    Year 6: 2023
    2. 5. We get a pet cat. We get a male orange tabby and we name him Oliver.

    Year 7: 2024
    6. 2. We adopt a baby from Russia. It's a girl and she's named Anastasia Joy Foster.

    Year 8: 2025
    1. 6. We have triplets, all boys. We name them Sebastian Ryan Foster, Declan Thomas Foster, and Aidan Daniel Foster.

    Year 9: 2026
    1. 2. We have triplets, all girls. We name them Jordyn Paige Foster, Piper Abigail Foster, and Arielle Jade Foster.

    Year 10: 2027
    4. 5. We get a pet dog. We get a male beagle and we name him Charlie.

    Year 11: 2028
    4. 1. We have a baby girl. We name her Kenzie Anne Foster.

    Year 12: 2029
    6. 1. We take a vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

    Year 13: 2030
    5. 1. My aunt on my dad's side passes away.

    Year 14: 2031
    5. 1. My aunt on my mom's side passes away.

    Year 15: 2032
    1. 6. We have triplets, all boys. We name them Cameron Drew Foster, Peyton Joseph Foster, and Noah Patrick Foster.

    Mike- 46
    Brianna- 39
    Wyatt and Elliot- 15
    Lucy, Rory, and Gemma- 12
    Anastasia- 9
    Sebastian, Declan, and Aidan- 8
    Jordyn, Piper, and Arielle- 7
    Kenzie- 5
    Cameron, Peyton, and Noah- 1
    Pets: Oliver and Charlie

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    Vancouver, Canada
    Your name: Lily Claire Thompson
    His name: George Henry Evans

    (1998) Year 1: Lily and George make the move from Bristol, UK to New York City, USA. They love the big city and it is good for Lily's job as a lawyer as well as George's as an architect.

    (1999) Year 2: Lily and George moved again, to upstate New York and purchased a farm. The big city just wasn't for them.

    (2000) Year 3: Lily and George, true to their roots, adopt a baby boy from England. They name him Henry Thomas.

    (2001) Year 4: Lily and George have quadruplets! Having five babies is quite a handful, but they have good friends. They quadruplets are named Beatrice Luna, Lucy Alice, Isaac Sebastian and Oliver Harrison.

    (2002) Year 5: Lily and George adopted again, this time a set of ten year old triplets from England. Their names are Natalie Sage, Abigail Lorelei and Benjamin Troy "Ben". They are a big help with the other kids.

    (2003) Year 6: Lily and George have another child! A girl named Reese Isobel.

    (2004) Year 7: Lily got a new job! As a lawyer at a local firm, where she will be able to help people with their cases and be at home a lot.

    (2005) Year 8: Lily and George adopt again, a baby boy from Australia. His name is Connor Maxwell.

    (2006) Year 9: Lily and George have another set of multiples! All girl triplets. Elliot Alexandra, Taylor Calliope and Sofia Jane.

    (2007) Year 10: Lily, George and the gang move to a new house they've built on the farm. It's much bigger and allows all the kids to have whichever room they would like - but they still have to share!*

    (2008) Year 11: After years of saying no, Lily and George give in and get the kids a puppy. They get a German Shepherd named Mister.

    (2009) Year 12: Lily and George have another daughter, Riley Annalise.

    (2010) Year 13: Lily and George had a bad year, Lily miscarried a son they'd have named Jacob.

    (2011) Year 14: Lily and George bought a horse, they named him Flyer.

    (2012) Year 15: Lily, George and the family take a trip to Barcelona, where they focus on their family.

    Room #1: Henry [13], Isaac and Oliver [11]
    Room #2: Beatrice and Lucy [11]
    Room #3: Natalie and Abigail [20]
    Room #4: Ben [20] and Connor [8]
    Room #5: Reese [9] and Riley [3]
    Room #6: Taylor, Sofia and Elliot [6]
    Room #7: Mum and Dad

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    DH: Adam Benjamin
    DW: Eleanor Rose

    Year 1: We adopt a baby from England and call him Zachary Mason.

    Year 2: We naturally conceive triplets! We have a boy and two girls born 6 weeks early and call them Isaac Liam, Esmè Amelia & Jasmine Sophia.

    Year 3: We adopt another baby from England and call him Oscar Riley.

    Year 4: We decide to adopt another set of triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy again! They are two years old and of French origin. They are called: Chloe Genevieve, Imogen Matilda & Lucas Ezra.

    Year 5: We are very surprised to find out we have naturally conceived quads! They are born safely and there are two of each. We call them: Lauren Jade, Eden Rosalie, Milo Gregory & Theodore Arlo.

    Year 6: We have another son. We call him Nathaniel Enzo.

    Year 7: We naturally conceive triplets again! This time they are all boys. We call them: Edward Noah, Daniel Carter & Jacob Thackary.

    Year 8: We decide that the children need a hobby so we rescue 3 horses. 2 Females and 1 male. The children name the girls Daisy & Charley and the boy Rufus.

    Year 9: We buy a Labrador puppy. We name him Rolo.

    Year 10: We adopt a 1 year old Springer Spaniel. We don't know her name so we call her Flick.

    Year 11: We have a baby girl and call her Isabel Seren.

    Year 12: DH gets a new job! He is given a position as a university lecturer.

    Year 13: We have twins! Both girls. We call them: Madeline Ella & Savannah Beth.

    Year 14: I start a business with my sister. We private tutor so we can work around our families and from home.

    Year 15: We have our last child. It's a boy! We call him: Zane Ebenezer.
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    The Williams Family

    DW: Shirley Lena Williams
    DH: Leonard Milton Williams

    DS/DS: Oliver Howard Williams & Owen Dean Williams
    DD: Lila Juliet Williams
    DD/DD/DD: Rena Zoe Willaims, Liana Noelle Williams, & Amelia Roselyn Williams
    DS/DS: Lucien Anderson Williams & Quentin Timothy Williams
    DD/DD/DS: Saoirse Finley Williams, Aine Diane Williams, & Callum Wyatt Williams
    DS/DS: Clyde Dennis Williams & Errol Maxwell Williams
    DD: Dahlia Faith Williams
    DS: Edward Carter Williams
    DS/DS: Gerard Abel Williams & Ross Darien Williams
    DS/DS: Franklin Samuel Williams & Charles Dante Williams

    Shirley and Leonard with their 19 kids: Oliver, Owen, Lila, Rena, Liana, Amelia, Lucien, Quentin, Saoirse, Aine, Callum, Clyde, Errol, Dahlia, Edward, Gerard, Ross, Franklin, & Charles.

    Y1: After only a few weeks of trying, Shirley's pregnant! 9 months later, she and Leonard give birth to healthy boy twins named Oliver Howard Williams and Owen Dean Williams.

    Y2: On the boys first birthday, Shirley finds out she is pregnant again. She gives birth to another healthy baby 9 months later, this time a girl named Lila Juliet Williams.

    Y3: ... Surprise! She's pregnant again! No one is surprised. She has triplets, all girls, named Rena Zoe Williams, Liana Noelle Williams, and Amelia Roselyn Williams.

    Y4: In just a matter of 3 years, the Williams have 6 new additions to their household. They realize they're old jobs aren't going to cut it anymore, so Leonard gets a job as a manager at a local restaurant. The pay is enough to keep the family living comfortably.

    Y5: More babies, this time triplet boys! Henry Sebastian Williams, Liam Ray Williams, and Alexander Lincoln Williams are their names.

    Y6: I feel like we all know what's going to happen. She had more healthy children, this time two boys: Lucien Anderson Williams and Quentin Timothy Williams.

    Y7: Unfortunately, Shirley miscarries ;_;

    Y8: She miscarries again ;_;

    Y9: The Williams adopt newborn triplets, two girls and one boy from Ireland. Their names are: Saoirse Finley Williams, Aine Diane Wlliams, and Callum Wyatt Williams.

    Y10: Shirley follows her dreams and starts a beauty salon with her older sister, Dorothy Marie Smith.

    Y11: After waiting a whole 4 years, the Shirley and Leonard finally give birth to two more boys named Clyde Dennis Williams and Errol Maxwell Williams.

    Y12: Shirley has another child, and this time it isn't multiples, and it's not even a boy! It's a girl named Dahlia Faith Williams.

    Y13: The Williams adopt a two year old boy from England named Edward Carter Williams.

    Y14: Shirley has her fourth set of twin boys, Gerard Abel Williams and Ross Darien Williams.

    Y15: We're ending how we started; two more twin boys named Franklin Samuel Williams and Charles Dante Williams.
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    DH: Gregory Steven Reid (25)
    DW: Elena Darby Reid (25)

    Y1- We buy a new car. White Range Rover

    Y2- I get a new job. A school Therapist

    Y3- I fall pregnant but miscarry. At 5 weeks. We called him/her Angel

    Y4- I fall pregnant but miscarry. At 15 weeks We called him/her Heaven

    Y5- I fall pregnant and have twin girls. Eden Hope Faith and Alice Grace Serenity Reid

    Y6- We move to France.

    Y7- My Uncle Gerald dies on 13/5/2020.

    Y8- I fall pregnant with G/G/B triplets. Jessica Louise, Honor Elena and Jonah Gerald Emmanuel Reid

    Y9- I fall pregnant but miscarry. At 22 weeks (we found out it was a girl we called her Cloud)

    Y10- We go on a Vacation to DisneyLand Florida.

    Y11- I start a business with my sister for people to cope with miscarriages.

    Y12- My husband gets a new job as a Physio Therapist

    Y13- I fall pregnant with a boy. Luca Savior Reid

    Y14- I fall pregnant with B/B/B triplets Maverick Blaine, Amais Bennett and Mason Jake Reid

    Y15- Me and Gregory go to Las Vegas

    My Children

    Angel- RIP
    Heaven- RIP
    Eden Hope Faith- 10
    Alice Grace Serenity- 10
    Jessica Louise- 8
    Honor Elena- 8
    Jonah Gerald Emmanuel- 8
    Cloud- RIP
    Luca Savior- 5
    Maverick Blaine- 1
    Amais Bennett- 1
    Mason Jake- 1
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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