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    DH: Lucas Phoenix Hastings
    DW: Miranda Lilac Hastings

    Year 1: After we get back from our honeymoon we decide to adopt a cat from the shelter, we name her Mimi.

    Year 2: We get pregnant after 3 months of trying! Aria Sparrow Hastings is born on August 18, 2015.

    Year 3: Lucas, Aria & I take a vacation to London for a three weeks.

    Year 4: After visiting London Lucas and I decide to adopt a little boy from there. We name him Jude August Hastings. His birthday is March 6, 2017.

    Year 5: When Aria is 3 and Jude is 1 we adopt a Corgi mix from the shelter and name her Nessie.

    Year 6: After almost a year of trying I get pregnant again! This time its a boy! We name him Solomon Grey Hastings, he was born September 29, 2019.

    Year 7: We decide to take a family vacation to Cairo, Egypt! Grandma & Grandpa, Papa & Nana go with us too.

    Year 8: After volunteering at a Greyhound rescue for several months I beg Lucas to let us adopt one. Lucky for me him and the kids fall in love with not one but three! We bring home Juno, Houdini & Oz

    Year 9: Lucas got promoted!! His company has given him a higher paying job as a travel consultant, and they have offered him even more if we re-locate to one of the overseas offices.

    Year 10: After considering his job offer we decide to relocate to Athens, Greece.

    Year 11: Just when we were getting settled in and the kids start school we find out we are expecting identical twin girls!! Natalya Rain & Lucia Willow were born in Greece on February 13, 2024.

    Year 12: I get a new job as tour guide interpreter.

    Year 13: We find out we are expecting again! Its a girl, Daphne Violet Hastings born July 17, 2026.

    Year 14: After living in Greece for several years we decide to move back home to America, where we buy a large modern house close to the kids' grandparents.

    Year 15: We decide we are done having children of our own but want to adopt one me. We adopt a little boy from Sydney, Australia. We name him Zander Wren Hastings, he was born June 2, 2028.

    The Hastings Family-
    Mom & Dad: Mandy & Lucas
    DD: Aria Sparrow Hastings (August 18, 2015)
    DS: Jude August Hastings (March 6, 2017)
    DS: Solomon Grey Hastings (September 29, 2019)
    DD/DD: Lucia Willow Hastings & Natalya Rain Hastings (February 13, 2024)
    DD: Daphne Violet Hastings (July 17, 2026)
    DS: Zander Wren Hastings (June 2, 2028)

    Pets: Mimi (cat), Nessie (corgi), Juno (greyhound), Houdini (greyhound) & Oz (greyhound)

    Mandy & Lucas Hastings
    Aria (13), Jude (11), Solomon (9), Lucy (4), Naya (4), Daphne (2), Zander (NB), Mimi, Nessie, Juno, Houdini & Oz
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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