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    Ontario, Canada

    15 years along..

    Roll the dice twice to determine the outcome for 15 years.

    Your name:
    His name:

    Your outcome:

    1,1: You have G/G/G triplets
    1,2: You have multiples fo your choice
    1,3: You have G/G twins
    1,4: You have G/G/B triplets
    1,5 You have B/B twins
    1,6: You have B/B/B triplets

    2,1: You start a buisness w/ your sister! what is it?
    2,2: Your husband gets a new job! what is it?
    2,3: You go on vaction! Where?
    2,4: You move to a different country! where?
    2,5: You choose what happens!
    2,6: You move to a new house! What does it look like?

    3,1: You get a puppy! what kind?
    3,2: You buy a horse! Name?
    3,3: You adopt a baby boy from England
    3,4: You adopt a cat! what kind?
    3,5: You adopt a baby girl from China
    3,6: You buy a new car! what kind?

    4,1: You have a baby girl
    4,2: You have a baby boy
    4,3: You have B/B twins
    4,4: You go on a road trip with DH! where?
    4,5: You choose what happens!
    4,6: You miscarried a baby

    5,1: Family member passes away. Who?
    5,2: Something amazing happens! what happened?
    5,3: You adopt a baby boy from Austrailla
    5,4: You get a new job! what is it?
    5,5: You move to a farm and get 3 horses! names?
    5,6: Husband gets a new job! what is it?

    6,1: You choose
    6,2: You adopt a baby from Russia! choose gender
    6,3: Your have Quadruplets! choose genders
    6,4: You have a baby girl! name?
    6,5: You have G/G twins
    6,6: You adopt 2 girls 1 boy siblings from? choose country

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    Your name: Kit Evangeline
    His name: Wesley Byron

    Year 1: Just after we get married, Wes is offered a job as an English Literature professor at Temple University.

    Year 2: We decide to start our family and are thrilled to find out we're having twin girls! We name them Florence Calla "Wren" and Penelope Claire "Poppy".

    Year 3: When Wren and Poppy are one year old, we find out we're expecting again. Twins again... but this time both boys! We're overwhelmed but blessed to have four children in two years. We name our boys August Ransom "Gus" and Wilder Robert "Wiley".

    Year 4: While visiting family in Australia, Wes and I fall in love with an orphaned 3 year old boy. His name is Tuck Bradley. We file for adoption of him immediately and seven months later bring him home to join our family.

    Year 5: Our three-bedroom house is now a little too cramped, so we upgrade to an old Victorian with five bedrooms and three baths. I'm an interior designer, and I spend the rest of the year refurbishing it.

    Year 6: In all the excitement I don't even notice when I miss my period! Wes and I don't realize we're expecting again until I start to show four months later. We have a baby boy who we name Dexter Phineas "Dex".

    Year 7: About six months after Dex is born a fire breaks out in our home. Fortunately everyone gets out safely, but we are forced to move, as our home burned to the ground. We move to an old farmhouse which has an attached servants' building, totaling eight bedrooms and four baths in all after I've finished refurbishing it. It takes the rest of the year for us to get settled in. Our five year old twins, Poppy and Wren, and six year old Tuck, are begging for pets, so we get two horses and a pony. The horses are thoroughbreds and we name them Bonnie and Clyde. The pony is a Shetland pony, and we name him Sherlock.

    Year 8: We start trying for another baby and are thrilled when we find out we're pregnant again. Unfortunately I have a miscarriage. We name our angel baby Pax.

    Year 9: With five kids we decide we're tired of taking two cars everywhere and buy a Suburban, which seats 8.

    Year 10: After two years of unsuccessful trying after the miscarriage we decide to try fertility treatments. They work on the second try and we have G/G/B triplets nine months later. We're a bit overwhelmed, but 9 year old Tuck, 8 year old twins Poppy and Wren, 7 year old twins Gus and Wiley, and 4 year old Dex are eager to help out. We name the triplets Mabel Nicolette "Mae", Leona Katherine "Leo", and Oscar Phillip "Oz".

    Year 11: After years of working for an interior design company I decide to go out on my own and am very successful.

    Year 12: Unsure if we can still get pregnant on our own we decide to try fertility treatments one more time and wind up with a lot more than we bargained for! We welcome quadruplet girls Nola Vivienne, Stella Naomi, Vera Adeline, and Avis Sheridan when Tuck is 11, Poppy and Wren are 10, Gus and Wiley are 9, Dex is 6, and Mae, Leo, and Oz are 2.

    Year 13: Wes gets selected to go to a conference in Florida for four days, and I am invited along as his guest. We get our parents to watch the kids and take a road trip.

    Year 14: My sister, a seamstress, unexpectedly loses her job and is looking for work. We decide to combine forces and create an interior design studio with custom linens, curtains, upholstery, et c. It is a smash hit.

    Year 15: I become pregnant unexpectedly, but lose the baby. We name our angel baby Lux. After losing this baby we decide our family is complete.

    So after 15 years we have...
    Tuck Bradley, 14
    Florence Calla and Penelope Claire, 13
    August Ransom and Wilder Robert, 12
    Dexter Phineas, 8
    Mabel Nicolette and Leona Katherine and Oscar Phillip, 4
    Nola Vivienne and Stella Naomi and Vera Adeline and Avis Sheridan, 2
    Angel babies Lux and Pax
    and horses Bonnie and Clyde, and pony Sherlock.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Your name: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    His name: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Year 1: We move into this house, the one in the front:

    Year 2: I become pregnant but I miscarry at six weeks pregnant.

    Year 3: Jeremy and I move to a bigger house in Albany, New York. It looks like this:

    Year 4: I get pregnant a second time, but miscarry again.

    Year 5: Jeremy and I go on a road trip to Las Vegas to see our friend Peter and his band perform at a music festival.

    Year 6: Jeremy and I move houses again, to a larger one, still in Albany:

    Year 7: Because we have been having trouble getting pregnant, Jeremy and I adopt a set of three-month old triplets, two girls and a boy. We name them Phoebe Rose Danvers, Celia Juliette Danvers, and Holden Seth Danvers.

    Year 8: I get pregnant at last! I have a baby girl named Ruby Evangeline Danvers.

    Year 9: Jeremy and I leave the kids with his parents and go on a road trip to Vermont.

    Year 10: I get pregnant again, this time with a baby boy. His name is Camden Blake Danvers.

    Year 11: I book that I wrote is made into a movie!

    Year 12: We have g/g/b triplets. Their names are Verena Charlotte Danvers, Clarissa Hope Danvers, and Landon Wyatt Danvers.

    Year 13: Our family goes on vacation to Disney World with Jeremy's relatives.

    Year 14: I open a bookstore with my sister-in-law, Lila.

    Year 15: We get a female Birman cat my children name Zoe.

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    Your Name: Lily Kate
    DH's name: Gregory Jake

    Year 1: I go on a road trip with DH to Northern Queensland, Australia

    Year 2: I have G/G twins named Melody Rose and Arabella Kate

    Year 3: I have G/G/B triplets named Tempest Winter, Briar London and Jackson Charles

    Year 4: I buy a new car, a silver sports car

    Year 5: I have a baby girl Peyton Ava

    Year 6: You choose what happens - we move house to this

    Year 7: I have B/B/B triplets named Jai Rixon, Claude Jake and Leo Fredrick

    Year 8: I buy a new car (but keep the old one too) a family van that seats 9

    Year 9: I have G/G/G triplets, Zoey Imogen, Kaitlyn Vera and Lara Elizabelle

    Year 10: A family member passes away, my grandmother Judith passes away at the age of 89

    Year 11: You choose what happens, I start writing a novel called Beautiful Midnight

    Year 12: You adopt a baby from Russia, a little girl called Alexis Kace

    Year 13: You move to a different counrty, move to New York.

    Year 14: I have a baby girl, we name her Zaylia Belle

    Year 15: We adopt a baby boy from England and name him William Gregory

    Family Members:
    Me: Lily Kate
    DH: Gregory Jake

    DD: Melody Rose (14)
    DD: Arabella Kate (14)
    DD: Tempest Winter (13)
    DD: Briar London (13)
    DS: Jackson Charles (13)
    DD: Peyton Ava (11)
    DS: Jai Rixon (9)
    DS: Claude Jake (9)
    DS: Leo Fredrick (9)
    DD: Zoey Imogen (7)
    DD: Kaitlyn Vera (7)
    DD: Lara Elizabelle (7)
    DD: Alexis Kace (4)
    DD: Zaylia Belle (2)
    DS: William Gregory (1)
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    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

    Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan, Kallie, Xia, Poet, Wren, Quinn
    Lachlan, Ryan, Oliver, Benjamin, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper, Jace

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    Your name: Lucia Holly
    His name: Alfie Oliver

    Year 1: New car, a white Fiat Giulietta.

    Year 2: Adopt a Border Collie cross puppy, named Pax.

    Year 3: Win quite a lot of money on the lottery!

    Year 4: Holiday to India.

    Year 5: Alfie gets a new job; director of rock music videos.

    Year 6: B/B twins, named Leo Oliver and Angus James.

    Year 7: I get a new job as a wildlife and conservation vet in London Zoo.

    Year 8: Baby girl, named Rosie Topaz.

    Year 9: Alfie's grandfather passes away.

    Year 10: Move to a farm and get 3 horses, named Hercules, Caspian and Aziza.

    Year 11: B/G twins, named Harry Christopher and Eliza Fay.

    Year 12: Adopt a tabby cat, named Sherlock.

    Year 13: Holiday to America.

    Year 14: Adopt a ginger-and-white cat, named Professor.

    Year 15: Adopt a Golden Retriever cross puppy, named Morrie (male).

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