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    DH: Benjamin John Whishaw 'Ben'
    DW: Hailey Renata Winters

    Year 1 ~ 1.1 = G/G/G Triplets
    Names: Lyra Valencia Whishaw, Lydia Rachel Whishaw and Leila Natalie Whishaw

    Year 2 ~ 6.3 = B/B/B/B Quads
    Names: Jasper Niall Whishaw, Joshua Fergus Whishaw, Jonathon Xavier Whishaw and James Nicholas Whishaw

    Year 3 ~ 3.4 = Cat
    Name: Zahara -->

    Year 4 ~ 5.3 = Adopt a boy from Australia
    Name: Sebastian Tate Whishaw

    Year 5 ~ 3.1 = Puppy
    Name: Keren -->

    Year 6 ~ 3.3 = Adopt a baby boy from England
    Name: Timothy Rhys Whishaw

    Year 7 ~ 5.6.= Husband gets new job!
    Job: Lawyer

    Year 8 ~ B/B Twins
    Names: Zachary Owen Whishaw and Aidan Connor Whishaw

    Year 9 ~ I get a new job!
    Job: Chocolatier

    Year 10 ~ Road Trip!!
    Where: All around Europe

    Year 11 ~ New house!!

    Year 12 ~ 1.1 = G/G/G Triplets
    Names: Caelan Felicity Whishaw, Caitlin Ruby Whishaw and Cara Penelope Whishaw

    Year 13 ~ 6.2. Adopt a baby from Russia.
    Name: Freya Annaliese Whishaw

    Year 14 ~ G/G/G Triplets
    Names: Hester Mercy Whishaw, Sadie Ophelia Whishaw and Eleanor Chloe Whishaw

    Year 15 ~ 3.1 = Puppy
    Name: Kaida -->

    Ben & Hailey with their 18 kids - Lyra, Leila, Lydia, Jasper, Joshua, Jonathon, James, Sebastian, Timothy, Zachary, Aidan, Caelan, Caitlin, Cara, Freya, Hester, Sadie and Eleanor - and their 3 pets - Zahara, Keren and Kaida.
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    Ohio USA
    Your name: Teresa Dene Kander
    His name: Barry Richard Kander

    Year 1: Barry and I welcome twin girls, Rebecca Anne and Sarah Elizabeth

    Year 2: My sister Victoria and I open a book store together.

    Year 3: Another set of twins....this time they're boys: Jacob Alexander and Benjamin Anthony.

    Year 4: We adopt a baby girl from Russia: Katrina Olga

    Year 5: We buy a minivan to travel comfortably.

    Year 6: We adopt a dog for the kids: a golden retriever named Buddy.

    Year 7: The entire family goes on a vacation to the French countryside.

    Year 8: We adopt hamsters for each child: Midnight, Onyx, Shadow, Ebony and Jet.

    Year 9: We move into a beautiful Victorian house.

    Year 10: We buy a horse for the children. Her name is Moondancer.

    Year 11: We take a family vacation to Hawaii.

    Year 12: I get a new job at the library.

    Year 13: We adopt a baby boy from Australia, Stephen Keith.

    Year 14: Barry gets a new job as a bank manager.

    Year 15: We adopt a baby boy from England, Philip Andrew.

    Barry and Teresa
    Becca (15) , Sarah (15), Jake (13), Ben (13), Kat (12), Steve (3), Phil (1)

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    DW: Anna Josephine Mills
    DH: Desmond Christopher Mills

    Year 1: (1,6: You have B/B/B triplets) Anna & Desmond enjoy their married life. As newlyweds, they spend almost every spare minute with each other. All of this alone time leads to a very welcomed surprise a few months after their honeymoon. Anna is pregnant. After visiting the doctor, she learns she is having triplets. The doctor tells her that this is rare, but that she and Desmond are incredibly fertile. By the end of the year, Anna and Desmond welcome James Frederick, Nathaniel Vincent & Christopher Hugo

    Year 2: (5,2: Something amazing happens! what happened?) Anna & Desmond could not be happier with their new additions, but their living space was growing cramped. On his way home from work one day, Desmond notices a large, vacant house. He is sure it is out of their price range, but has Anna call the realtor. It turns out the home is a foreclosure, and Anna and Desmond (with a little help from their parents) manage to close on the home. Their new spacious house even has room for their family to grow! The house:

    Year 3: (2,2: Your husband gets a new job! what is it?) Luck continues to favor the Mills family when Desmond lands a new job as a college history professor in a nearby North Carolina town. The family keeps their home and Desmond commutes to work. Anna takes this opportunity to stay home full time with the triplets (she returned to her job as a librarian shortly after the babies were born), who are now in desperate need of disciplined and structured learning.

    Year 4: (4,4: You go on a road trip with DH! where?) Desmond declines offering summer courses so the family can take a road trip across the United States. This is something that Desmond's family did every year when he was a child, and something Anna had always wanted to do. Their final destination was Seattle, where they spent several days enjoying the scenery and shops.

    Year 5: (4,6: You miscarried a baby) With the triplets nearly 5 and starting school, Anna was excited to learn that she was pregnant again. The doctors warned her that it would be a difficult pregnancy, but everyone felt confident that she could handle it given her previous experience. Unfortunately she miscarried.

    Year 6: (2,3: You go on vaction! Where?) Anna suffered from some depression after the miscarriage, so Desmond decided it was time for another family vacation. Since Anna had never left the United States but had always dreamed of a European vacation, Desmond surprised her with a trip to Ireland. The family vacationed there for 2 months during the summer, and Anna's spirits lifted.

    Year 7: (1,5 You have B/B twins) The family vacation gave Anna and Desmond plenty of time together, and just a few weeks after their return, Anna discovers she is pregnant again. She and Desmond take all of the necessary (and sometimes even the unnecessary) precautions to ensure the pregnancy goes smoothly, and a little over 7 months later, they are blessed with twins: George Arthur & Dominic Liam

    Year 8: (3,1: You get a puppy! what kind?) The triplets (James, Nathaniel & Christopher) are no longer getting as much attention from Anna as they're used to. They're now well into school and the new babies (George & Dominic) are occupying a lot of her time. Desmond decides it's time for the boys to get their first pet. Not only will it teach them responsibility, but it will also help occupy their attention. The family decides on a puppy, and soon Gus, the Great Dane, joins the family.

    Year 9: (1,1: You have G/G/G triplets) Anna recognizes the symptoms of pregnancy early in her 9th year of marriage. She and Desmond had discussed having more children, but did not intend to do it so soon after her last pregnancy, especially with the physical and emotional stress of multiple births. But pregnant she was, and with more multiples. The doctors tell her it is a record, and everyone works overtime to make sure the pregnancy goes according to the book. Anna and Desmond's triplet daughters are born 3 months premature. Everyone is tiny and delicate. After several months in NICU, the girls are allowed to come home. Agnes Elinor & Beatrix Clara are healthy little babies. Rose Harriet is deaf, but otherwise healthy.

    Year 10: (2,3: You go on vaction! Where?) With 8 children, the Mills house becomes hectic. Desmond wants to take another family vacation, but Anna isn't comfortable taking the girls too far from home. In the end they decide to take an hour drive to the beach, where they spend a weekend relaxing in the sun and playing frisbee with Gus.

    Year 11: (4,6: You miscarried a baby) Anna is helping James, Nathaniel & Christopher with their homework when she begins to feel sharp abdominal pains. She calls Desmond, who returns home quickly. They leave the children with Anna's parents while Desmond takes her to the hospital. She learns she has miscarried an ectopic pregnancy.

    Year 12: (3,5: You adopt a baby girl from China) After her second miscarriage, Anna battles another bout of depression. She struggles with the thought of losing a living child, even though she knows how blessed she is to have as many children as she does. Even with 8 children, Anna still feels she has so much love, attention, and care she can give. She approaches Desmond about adoption. By December of their 12th year of marriage, Anna and Desmond welcome a baby girl from China into their family. They name her Mei Louisa.

    Year 13: (4,1: You have a baby girl) Anna's happiness at her full family puts her in better health than she has ever been. She feels younger and brighter than any other time in her life, and by mid-year of her 13th year of marriage, Anna is pregnant for the last time. She learns it is her first single birth. Anna and Desmond (with their 9 children) welcome the 10th and final Mills child: Vivian Greta

    Year 14: (3,1: You get a puppy! what kind?) As Gus gets older and less playful, he retires to being Desmond's companion as opposed to the boys' plaything. The family decides to adopt a new puppy, partly to give the kids something to play with, and partly to help Gus feel young again. They adopt Norman the Great Dane.

    Year 15: (3,2: You buy a horse! Name?) Dominic comes home from school one day and says he wants to join the horseback riding club. This is the first year he is eligible for the sport, and is incredibly excited to participate. It is not required that the students have their own horse, but he manages to convince Desmond to get one. Dominic receives Ichabod, the young buckskin.

    The Mills Family:
    Anna & Desmond (39) with
    James, Nathaniel & Christopher (14)
    George & Dominic (8)
    Agnes, Beatrix & Rose (5)
    Mei (3) [adopted]
    Vivian (2)
    Gus the Great Dane
    Norman the Great Dane
    Ichabod the Buckskin Horse

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    Me: Anna Grace
    Husband: James William

    Year One: After two years of marriage i get pregnant. We are shocked, but none than less delighted, to find out that we are having girl triplets! Nine months later, the girls arrive, tiny but healthy. We name them Ava Fleur, Alicia June & Amaya Lux.

    Year Two: The triplets had just celebrated their first birthday when my husband getting a new job as an interior designer for an huge company. Another thing to celebrate!

    Year Three: To the girls big joy we buy a puppy. It's a chocolate brow labrador and we name him Ceasar (yes, after the famous "dog-talker"!)

    Year Four: To my and my husbands delight i'm pregnant again. When i'm fifth months pregnant we found out that the baby, a boy, was no longer alive. We name our angel child James William Jr.

    Year Five: Though our tragic loss of our son we decided to try again for another baby. And we succed! Nine months later, a very healthy, very handsome and very welcomed baby boy is born. Ava, Alica and Amaya, now 4 years old, are completly smitten by their new baby brother, who is named Jack Timothy.

    Year Six: We adopts a baby boy from Russia. His name is Jensen Maxim. Maxim is his russian name, so we keep it to honor his herritage.

    Year Seven: Only a couple of months after we adopted Jensen i find out i'm pregnant with twins! And after nine months, two adorable boys entering our big family. The twins names are Jasper Atticus & Julian Walter.

    Year Eight: A huge event happend this year. We moved to the beautiful countryside of Surrey in England. A perfect place for our children to grow up.

    Year Nine: I used to horse riding a lot as a child, and i'm starting to get intressted in it again. So i buy a horse named Lucky. Alicia is intressted in horses as well, so i teaching her how to ride.

    Year Ten: As a nice anniversary thing, my husband and i go on a long road trip through Europe. It's an amazing experience that none of us will forget.

    Year Eleven: My husband decides to start his own company in Interior Design, and i support him wholeheartely. It's starting of small but we are both optimistic for the future.

    Year Twelve: I have wanted another baby for a long time, since the twins are almost five now, and i'm finally get pregnant again.
    A beautiful little girl arrives, and all her siblings are excited, especially her sisters. We name her Aubree Rose.

    Year Thirteen: Just when i started to think that our family was complete, i'm pregnant again. And it's another set of triplets! Its two girls and one boy, and they are surely a blessing to our family. Adelaide Hope, Athena Mae and Jude Thomas are their names.

    Year Fourteen: My husbands company is really starting to hit really big. The orders are getting more and bigger, and so we can afford a bigger house. We move to a beauiful, century build mansion, and we couldn't be more happy for our new home.

    Year Fifteen: Our family is finally complete after we adopted a sweet baby girl from China, Aisling Tao.

    James & Grace

    Ava, Alicia & Amaya, 14 years old.
    James Jr, our angel child who should have been 11 years old.
    Jack, 10 years old.
    Jensen, 9 years old.
    Jasper & Julian, 8 years old.
    Aubree, 3 years old.
    Adelaide, Athena
    & Jude, 2 years old.
    Aisling, 1 years old.
    Name nerd. Cat lover. Proud aunt to Ellen Lizzie 3/17/2015

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Alma Josephine*Ophelia May*Ramona Juliet*Willow Beatrice*Phoebe Amelia*
    Alice Theodora*Matilda Jane*Florence Mary*Edith Grace*Audrey Elisabeth*Rose Viviana*
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Caleb James*Wyatt Nicholas*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Samuel Evan*Gabriel Matthew*

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    DW: Juliana Rose
    DH: Rhys Langston

    Year 1 - Rhys and Juliana have twin boys.
    Alaric Wilder
    Aragorn Frost

    Year 2 - Rhys and Juliana have boy/girl twins.
    Gareth Benedict
    Eowyn Melisande

    Year 3 - The family moves to a farm, and shortly thereafter, adopts three horses.

    Year 4 - Rhys and Juliana adopt a baby boy from England.
    Gideon Birch

    Year 5 - Rhys and Juliana have B/G/G/B quadruplets.
    Caspian James
    Amaryllis June
    Rhiannon Willow
    Thorin Zane

    Year 6 - Rhys and Juliet have twin girls.
    Artemis Plum
    Evangeline Snow

    Year 7 - The family goes on vacation to Australia!

    Year 8 - Rhys and Juliana adopt a baby girl from China.
    Lorien Mei

    Year 9 - The family adopts a Golden Retriever puppy.

    Year 10 - The family adopts an English Springer Spaniel.

    Year 11 - The family adopts a ginger tabby cat.

    Year 12 - Rhys and Juliana have twins boys.
    Quincy Lazarus
    Viggo Raphael

    Year 13 - Rhys and Juliana have B/B/G/G quadruplets.
    Elliot Oak
    Ephraim Sage
    Guinevere Sky
    Luna Hope

    Year 14 - Rhys and Juliana have twin boys.
    Sirius Griffin
    Phoenix Rowan

    Year 15 - Rhys and Juliana move to England.

    Parents: Rhys and Juliana
    Kids: Alaric, Aragorn, Gareth, Eowyn, Gideon, Caspian, Amaryllis, Rhiannon, Thorin, Artemis, Evangeline, Lorien, Quincy, Viggo, Guinevere, Luna, Sirius, and Phoenix
    Pets: Valor, Noble, Merritt, Watson, Freddie, and Venturo
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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