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    Your name: Annabeth Maria *Annie* Norris
    His name: Crispin Daniel *Kip* Norris

    You move to a different country! where? UK

    You go on a road trip with DH! where? Ireland

    You have a baby girl! Echo Evangeline Norris

    You buy a new car! what kind? Toyota Camry

    You adopt a cat! what kind? Moxie (female Maine Coon)

    You adopt a baby from Russia! Alexia Lauren Norris

    You move to a new house! What does it look like? Bungalow

    You move to a farm and get 3 horses! names? Patriot (bay colt), Lady Liberty (gray mare), Uncle Sam (gray gelding)

    You adopt 2 girls 1 boy siblings from Italy Alba Giana Norris & Aldo Giorgio Norris (twins), Lillia Michaela Norris

    You get a puppy! what kind? Sirius (male black newfie)

    You move to a farm and get 3 horses! names? Yankee (black mare), Revere (black gelding), Quincy (bay gelding)

    You adopt 2 girls 1 boy siblings from Sweden Linnea Margaret Norris, Matilda Rose *Tilly* Norris, Ulla Jonathan Norris

    You move to a farm and get 3 horses! Minute Man (gray gelding), Glory (appaloosa mare), Pilgrim (gray gelding)

    Family member passes away. Kip's father, Matthias Andrew *Ty* Norris

    You have B/B twins Zajac Ryan *Jac* Norris & Zeben Tyler *Ben* Norris

    Annie & Kip w/
    Echo, Alexia, Alba, Aldo, Lillia, Linnea, Tilly, Ulla, Jac, and Ben
    Moxie, Patriot, Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam, Sirius, Yankee, Revere, Quincy, Minute Man, Glory, and Pilgrim

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    Your name: Lois Aurelia
    His name: Elijah Alexander

    Year 1: Elijah and I adopted a baby boy from Australia! His name is Hamish Benjamin.

    Year 2: Elijah, Hamish and I had a fantastic holiday in Tuscany, Italy!

    Year 3: We had a baby daughter! We called her Luna Scarlett.

    Year 4: We decided to buy a horse named Silver.

    Year 5: Elijah got a new job as an English teacher at a sixth form.

    Year 6: We adopted siblings, 2 girls and 1 boy, from Wales. They are called Seren Carys, Eirian Megan and Aneurin Rhys.

    Year 7: We had twin girls! Pearl Sophia and Betsy Georgia.

    Year 8: Elijah and I had a baby girl. Her name is Nell Florence.

    Year 9: We adopted a baby girl from China, Kitty Beatrice.

    Year 10: We moved to a farm! We also got 3 horses - Blossom, Clover and River.

    Year 11: We had another set of twin girls! We named them Cora Penelope and Annie Margaret.

    Year 12: Elijah and I had twin boys! Chester William and Hugo Sebastian.

    Year 13: The whole family went on holiday to the south of France. The weather was great and everyone had fun!

    Year 14: We adopted another baby girl from China! Her name is Olive Agatha.

    Year 15: We had our last child, a daughter, Maude Evelyn.

    DH: Elijah Alexander
    DW: Lois Aurelia

    ADD: Seren Carys (18)
    ADD: Eirian Megan (17)
    ADS: Hamish Benjamin (16)
    ADS: Aneurin Rhys "Nye" (14)
    DD: Luna Scarlett (13)
    DD/DD: Pearl Sophia and Betsy Georgia (9)
    DD: Nell Florence (8)
    ADD: Kitty Beatrice (8)
    DD/DD: Cora Penelope and Annie Margaret (5)
    DS/DS: Chester William and Hugo Sebastian (4)
    ADD: Olive Agatha (3)
    DD: Maude Evelyn (1)
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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    Your name: Jocelyn Rae Hastings
    His name: Reece Langston Hastings

    Year 1 - Reece and Jocelyn move into a charming blue Victorian house in Virginia.

    Year 2 - Before they are even unpacked Reece and Jocelyn learn that they're expecting quads. Jocelyn gives birth to three boys--Elliot Langston, Lazarus James, and Austin Erasmus, and a girl, Rosalie Vivienne.

    Year 3 - The couple adopts a 3-year-old girl from Russia. Her name is Natasha Jewel.

    Year 4 - Reece and Jocelyn move to Dallas, where they buy a farm with ample land. They purchase three horses named Sparkle, Frisco, and Calico.

    Year 5 - The couple adopts a baby boy from Australia. His name is Jonah Christian.

    Year 6 - Reece and Jocelyn have twin boys--Ransom Malachi and Jasper Leland.

    Year 7 - The couple adopts three children, this time from the US. Reece and Jocelyn know the family and take all three kids in so they don't get separated. Their names are Ivy Magdalene (7), Violet Rebecca (4), and Clay Timothy (2).

    Year 8 - Reece and Jocelyn have twin boys named Blake Lafayette and William Cash (Will).

    Year 9 - Reece and Jocelyn adopt a baby girl from China. Her name is Evangeline Mei (Evie).

    Year 10 - The family welcomes triplet girls named Phoebe Clementine, Pearl Carolina, and Paloma Cate.

    Year 11 - Jocelyn takes a new job as the editor of a magazine in Dallas.

    Year 12 - Something amazing happened. One of Jocelyn's novels is made into a movie!

    Year 13 - Reece and Jocelyn buy another horse named Cocoa.

    Year 14 - Reece and Jocelyn have to more girls--Sophie Amandine and Zoe Isabelle.

    Year 15 - Reece gets a new job at a big law firm.

    So to sum up:

    Natasha (15)
    Ivy (15)
    Eliot (14)
    Lazarus (14)
    Austin (14)
    Rosalie (14)
    Violet (11)
    Jonah (10)
    Ransom (9)
    Jasper (9)
    Clay (9)
    Blake (7)
    Will (7)
    Evie (6)
    Phoebe (5)
    Pearl (5)
    Paloma (5)
    Sophie (1)
    Zoe (1)
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    Your name: Eloise Claire Hewson
    His name: Aaron Michael Hewson

    Year 1: Baby Girl: Matilda Florence Hewson
    Year 2: Buy a Horse: Angus
    Year 3: G/G Twins: Iris Evangeline Hewson & June Clementine Hewson
    Year 4: Start a business with your sister: a Catering company
    Year 5: B/B Twins: Silas Nathaniel Hewson & Eli Atticus Hewson
    Year 6: Husband gets a new job: Sports Analyst for ESPN
    Year 7: Baby Girl: Helena Cordelia Hewson
    Year 8: Baby Girl: Scarlett Beatrice Hewson
    Year 9: Road trip with DH: DC to California
    Year 10: Buy a new car: Volvo SUV
    Year 11: Adopt a baby from Russia: Pearl Anastasia Hewson
    Year 12: Go on vacation: Bahamas
    Year 13: Adopt a baby girl from China: Olive Prudence Hewson
    Year 14: Move to a different country: England (London)
    Year 15: Adopt a baby boy from Australia: Christian Humphrey Hewson

    Eloise & Aaron Hewson with Matilda (14), Iris & June (12), Silas & Eli (10), Helena (8), Scarlett (7), Pearl (4), Olive (2), & Christian (nb)

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    Your name: Maia Jaclyn
    His name: Damon Mario

    1. 6,2: You adopt a baby from*Russia! choose gender
    (B) Alec Archer

    2. 4,6: You miscarried a baby
    It was a girl, her name was Meghan Seraphim.

    3. 4,2: You have a baby boy
    (B) Griffin Matthew "Finn"

    4. 3,6: You buy a*new car! what kind?
    A green Ford Fiesta for driving Alec and Finn around!

    5. 5,3: You adopt a baby boy from Austrailla
    (B) Onyx Grant "Nick"

    6. 6,2: You adopt a baby from*Russia! choose gender
    (B) Maxim Carston "Max"

    7. 2,4: You move to a different country! where?
    We move to the country in Greece.

    8. 6,5: You have G/G twins
    (G) Aria Charlotte
    (G) Rosalie Hanna "Rosie"

    9. 4,1: You have a baby girl
    (G) Maeve Melody

    10. 6,3: Your have Quadruplets! choose genders
    (G) Bay Rebekah
    (G) Lila Peyton
    (B) Toby Samuel
    (B) Cato Robert

    11. 4,5: You choose what happens!
    We buy hamsters for each of the older kids. Max gets Janus; Nick gets Fawn; Finn gets Marcie; Alec gets Cale.

    12. 5,3: You adopt a baby boy from Austrailla
    (B) Charlie Devin

    13. 6,5: You have G/G twins
    (G) India Emily
    (G) Elena Eloise

    14. 4,1: You have a baby girl
    (G) Ginevra Valley "Ginny"

    15. 2,6: You move to a new house! What does it look like?
    An old yellow Victorian with a turret and a room for each child.

    Maia + Damon=
    Alec (14), Finn (12), Nick (10), Max (9), Aria (7), Rosie (7), Maeve (6), Bay (5), Lila (5), Toby (5), Cato (5), Charlie (3), India (2), Elena (2), and Ginny (1).
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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