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    When spelling makes all the difference...

    Are there names that you LOVE when spelled one way, but are less enthusiastic about (or even dislike) when spelled differently?

    I'm not talking about "creative" or invented spellings rubbing you the wrong way, I mean established and equally "correct" but different spellings that achieve identical sounds. Of course one of the easiest examples is the Kat-- family of names:

    Catherine vs. Katherine vs. Kathryn, etc.
    Cailtin vs. Katelyn, etc.
    Cate vs. Kate

    ^^just an example, I'm not asking for opinions on specifically THIS name family.

    I'm willing to bet that this is strongly colored by trendiness. In the above examples, I prefer the currently-popular C to the comparatively past-trend K. There are other legitimate arguments to be made as far as intuitiveness of pronunciation, or looking for a more-unique approach to a common name (ie. Mali instead of Molly).

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    I don't have a preference between the Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn group. The ONLY spelling of Caitlin I like is this one, which I love. Cate vs Kate...I don't think I have a preference either.

    With my own name, there are 3 "acceptable" variations: Claire (my name), Clare and Clair. I like mine best, and absolutely cannot stand "Clair". It just looks SO incomplete with that hook of an "r" at the end.

    Cecelia is on my list...but I don't like the way that Cecilia looks.

    Norah is my list...I don't like it quite so much without the "h".

    I prefer Elisabeth with an "s" over the "z".

    And then there's Anne/Ann. Anne looks regal, queenly and beautiful. Ann looks simple and dull. Such a difference a little "e" makes!

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    Because I have a daughter named Caitlin, I feel I can weigh in on that portion of the "Kat" names. Caitlin is the correct Gaelic/Celtic spelling of the name. It's not even pronounced "Kate-lynn" but "Kathleen" in Irish and "Katlin" in Welsh. The weirdo American versions of the name -- Kaitlyn, Caitlynne, Katelyn, et. al. -- infuriate me. Okay, rant over.

    I prefer "ie" to "y"; I'm not sure why I do. So I like Mollie over Molly, Jamie over Jamey, Freddie over Freddy. Then I tend towards more ethnically-spelled names, so Kai or Cei instead of Kay, Carl (Danish) instead of Karl, etc.

    And lastly I prefer the traditional spellings. My teeth are gritted every time I have a student show up whose name is Britni instead of Brittany (gag, I really dislike the name) but even worse, Jhon instead of John (what is wrong with people these days?) and Zhane instead of Jane (yuck). Another one I dislike is the so-called phonetic spelling (not in my linguistics course!) of names, such as Renae for the French Renee, and then the really weird ones, like my student Antqwan who pronounced his name like the French Antoine (the q was silent!!!!).

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    I only prefer Kathrine/Kathryn if you plan on calling your kid Katie/Katy since Katie does not start with a C. If you play on calling her Cathy or Catherine, then I prefer the C spelling.

    I hate the Emmalee spelling and prefer Emily. Not sure if it's a creative spelling or not, but I met an Emmalee.....

    I prefer Nora without the h, since the h seems unnecessary in my opinion

    I also prefer the spelling Madeline other Madeleine. The Madeleine spelling just isn't as appealing.

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    I like Lily over Lilly

    Katherine over Catherine or Kathryn

    Lilian over Lilianne or Lilyann etc.

    Anabel over Annabelle

    Allison over Allyson

    Kimberly over Kimberley or Cymberley!

    Deena over Dena

    Dinah over Dinnah or Dina

    Emily over Emmalee

    Skye over Sky

    Jacob over Jakub or Jacub or Jaycub

    Jason over Jaysin or Jacen

    Aiden over Aidan or Ayden

    Christian over Krystian

    Kamryn (I know weird! I like Kammy, so shoot me!) over Cameron (because that's just so dorky!)

    Jaden over Jadon or Jaydin or Jaedan

    Jaxson over Jackson (yea yea, Jack is boring)

    Nickolas over Nicholas or Nikolas

    Michael over Mykel or Michel or any of the others, bleh

    Christopher over Kristopher or Cristopher

    Madison over Madyson etc.

    Addyson over Addison (just looks more feminine)

    Brianna over Breanna

    Ariana over Arianna

    Isabelle over Isobel or any of the others

    Kyra or Kiera over Keera or Kyrah

    Dorah over Dora

    Norah over Nora

    Susanna over Susannah

    Hailey over Haley or Haleigh

    Jasmine over Jazmin etc.

    Mia over Myah

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