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    Well, I'll try again.....

    Ingrid Niamh is a very tall big-boned girl with tapered auburn hair. She would like to play basketball but her balance and coordination are much to be desired. Ingrid has bright eyes and a big smile that match her shining personality. When she tells a story she has everyone entranced. Her parents think she will be a writer someday.

    Marilee Sonnet

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    Marliee Sonnet
    I see a muscular young girl, with long brown hair, who does gymnastics, and is "Hard Of Hearing" but she adapts to all situation's, and she is very into car's she will one day be a Engineer/Car Shop Owner

    Honey Jordan
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    Honey Jordan is a chubby cheeked little girl with blond frizzy hair. She dreams of being a ballerina someday. When she dances her hair tossles around so much that it looks like a tiny tornado.

    Daphne Anne

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    Daphne Anne is a lovely 13 year old that loves to run around, listen to music, and hang with her friends. She's very laid-back, happy, and loves to joke.

    Aidy Georgia
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    Aidy is an average-all-around kind of girl who excels in very strange things, like dinosaur computers and counting freckles. She is long and skinny with deep brown hair in a braid and converse sneakers.

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