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    Georgia Lily is a spunky blond toddler. She has lots of friends at her preschool and lots of friends (sisters) at her busy home. She likes art, dancing, and playing soccer.
    Isla Celeste

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Isla Celeste is a mellow, intuitive girl with light hair and eyes. She loves girly things and playing with friends.

    Tristania Guinevere

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    the scotland in my dreams.
    Tristania Guinevere is the daughter of two vague and slightly pretentious English professors who would secretly like her to grow up espousing all of the renaissance ideals of womanhood. Therefore, Tristania plays the harp, can hunt with falcons in a pine-green hunting gown, and can sing at least passably when someone else is playing the piano. She is fairly short and stout with honey-brown hair that is forcibly put into ringlets every night. Tristania would kind of like to, you know, hang out on the sofa eating chips and watch The Big Bang Theory or something, but she has a side-saddle riding lesson in twenty minutes, and she has to go.

    Bryony Clare
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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    Bryony Clare has long red hair, and loves to braid it! She needs glasses, but doesn't like to hide her freckles so she doesn't wear them when she's in public. She's trying to talk her parents into letting her get contacts. Bryony loves to sing and is trying to get the nerve to try out for the school musical "The Sound of Music". She would be perfect for the lead role of Maria but no one really knows how good she is because she's so shy.

    Marilee Sonnet

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    Zoree Aurelia-Dawn is spunky and edgy, independent, and has her own style. She has short spiky black hair with sunset - colored tips that she spikes up and is a little short for her age (15) but when she's intimidating her classmates, nobody notices that she's a head shorter than the rest.

    Ingrid Niamh.
    Annabel, August, Calvin, Christopher, Dante, Eden, Hope, Irene, Isobel, James, Moira, Monroe, Rose, Simon, Sullivan, West

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