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    A popular high school girl who secretly writes songs in class. She always looks immacculate.

    Abigail Emmeline

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    Abigail Emmeline is a shy girl who opens up to her smaller group of friends. She loves reading deep books that make her think and keep her on the edge of her seet. Although people call her Abby, she prefers Abigail.

    Mayberry Linnea

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    Mayberry Linnea is an eight year old (brunette) girl who loves nature. She sits outside in the garden for hours and reads. She has tons of imaginary friends, and tons of real ones as well. People are surprised to find that, outside of the garden, she's extremely spunky.

    Wilhelmina Soleil "Willa"
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    Wilhelmina Soleil "Willa" has bouncy brown curls, bright green eyes, rosy cheeks, and lots of freckles! She is about seven or eight. She has a very curious and outgoing personality, and smiles often.
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    Since no new name was posted, I'll post one.

    Georgina Lily
    (updated 9/1/17)

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