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    When I See ______, I Imagine...

    This game is simple and fun (especially for writers!). One person gives a first and middle name for a person (and gender, if necessary), then what you imagine that person being like (age, personality, interests). For example, if I post "Sydney Nicole," your next post might be, "An energetic nine-year-old who has a passion for kittens and soccer. Nora Mae."

    (I might post here multiple times.) To begin:

    Elijah Wesley. (B)

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    I imagine a child pianist with a mop of curly hair.

    Aurora River.

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    I imagine a 6 year old with long golden blonde wavy with big blue eyes that plays the violin.

    Stella Annelise

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    I imagine a smart girl with bright brown eyes who loves singing, butterflies and books.

    Coraline Audrey

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    catloverd Guest
    I imagine a young girl with short, straight black hair, and green eyes who loves art.

    Luna Isabel

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