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    Theo is a slightly nerdy fellow who is just starting college to study ancient history. He spends a lot of time at the student union with his books. He has a few, true, genuine friends, but isn't much of a social butterfly. He prefers glasses to contacts and prefers Merlot to Miller Lite.

    Vetiver Maeve NN Vettie (a girl)
    Always evolving, always changing!

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    A shy, imaginative girl with raven black hair and hazel eyes. She daydreams about dragons and is obsessed with medieval Europe. She plays the flute and can read several books in one day if allowed.

    Ottilie Ivy "Tillie"

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    Tillie is a shy 3-year-old girl with black hair and blue eyes. She can be very fussy at times, but she is also very compassionate. She likes to care for her friends and younger sister. She likes to have tea parties with her dolls.

    Brooke Natalie
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    A shy smart girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is graceful and poised. She has her own style and way of doing things. She likes things her way and is very committed to her family and friends.

    Joan Lynette (joani)

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    Joan is a southern girl who likes to ride horses. Pale, blond, and light green eyes.

    Camilla Pond
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