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Thread: Naomi-WDYT?

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    Okay, so my husband suggested Naomi for a baby girl....the more I think about it the more it's growing on me. I like that it is classic (it's been around forever...biblical...) but not overly used. I love traditional/vintage/grandma names but they are so popular right now, I don't think they will feel vintage/cool anymore when every baby has a vintage/traditional name (the Charlottes, Sophias, Isabellas...will just become the Jennifers, Ashleys, Sarahs, of my generation) I think it is a soft, feminine and beautiful sounding name. But I'm wondering how come it isn't that popular...Is it just a hidden gem? Is it too dated? Is it because it spellls "I Moan" backward?

    What are people's opinion on the name? I'm not really into funky spellings but maybe in this case an e should be added? Naomie?

    Any suggestions for middle names?


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    I like it, but I would not add an 'e'. Naomi is perfect as is and Naomie looks strange. I wouldn't care at all about the "I moan" thing. It doesn't seem dated at all to me. It's actually climbing but I don't think it will ever be as popular as Charlotte and Sophie. It's a good, solid name. Good luck!

    As for middle names, I don't know what your last name sounds like, but Naomi can work with a lot of names. I know a little Naomi Colette and she's adorable .

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    For some reason, it's just not that classy to me. And I'm not fan .

    Ariel or Phoebe -- They are biblical but not old lady.

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    Thanks for your suggestions! Just to be clear (for suggestions etc.) , the Biblical thing isn't important to me, it's just that I didn't realize that Naomi had been around for ages...I thought it was sort of a 80's/90's name....Thanks!

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    I think Naomi is perfectly lovely. It may be a little dated, but I honestly think it's a nice choice with the original spelling.

    If your questioning it, I like the suggestion of Phoebe, but maybe these might fit the bill...


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