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    My favourites from your picks are Beth (very sweet and simple) and Lilith (a fresh version of Lily). I can tell you love bold, unique names, and I think that's great- not a lot of people are daring enough to consider using Andromeda, Perpetua, Alphons and Orpheus!
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    In looking over my comments, I realize they are a little negative. I guess your style and mine really clash...

    Andromeda - a little too much for a 3 year old, even perhaps a 30 year old. Prefer Andrea.
    Anona - I hear Winona
    Barbara - dated
    Beth - not bad, would rather see the full Bethany or Elizabeth
    Ceola - coel, pronounced "seel", is a body cavity in biology language. That's the first thing I think of.
    Circe - nymph who turns people into pigs, a bit of a stigma
    Clarity - sounds like a combo of Clarissa and Charity. If it wasn't a word, I'd love it.
    Edel - sounds like Ethel with a cold
    Edwina - would rather see Edwin on a boy
    Euphoria - as in a high?
    Fio - would rather see the whole Fiona
    Ismene - sounds like Esme, which might prove easier
    Ivory - Ivy would be safer, although I grant you it is phonetically pretty
    Jean - as in "jeen" or "zhon"? (Jean is a boy's name in French)
    Juiz - Juice
    Kirby - my vacuum cleaner
    Lilith - love!
    Liora - like a combo name that didn't take off
    Melinda - sounds a little fresher than Melissa
    Merry - I wouldn't put this stamp on a child as a first, but as a middle it would be adorable!
    Minerva - I think of the Batman villian from the 60s, but don't mind that...not many people will...
    Nerissa - Carissa gone wrong?
    Perpetua - A saint's name, at least, but a little pretensious on a young girl
    Polly - is swing dancing in a poodle skirt
    Olympia - Washington
    Roberta - a nice, solid name with several adorable nn to choose from
    Renelle - seems to be gilding the lily of Renee
    Sapphira - why not Sapphire?
    Shira/Sheila - I find myself liking Sheila lately. It's feminine while leaving room for tomboyishness
    Solace - as in aloneness?
    Ulrika - Eureka gone weird
    Wanda - it is rather dated, but at least it's a name
    Winry - Winter...gone awry

    Alphons - Alphonso sounds more legit
    Araya - sounds feminine
    Ambrose - a cool saint's name, would be daring, but I think it could work
    Benvolio - neatest way to get Ben!
    Demitry - will have to spell his name wherever he goes, but what Dmitri doesn't?
    Dio - seems lacking
    Ivar - looks like a typo of Ivan
    Judas - he's more likely to be teased for betraying Jesus, if you're a practicing Christian. Judah would be better.
    Kristof - not bad.
    Lysander - ditto Ambrose, minus saint's name.
    Miheal - looks like a typo of Micheal
    Motega - I hear Ortega, Micheal Jackson's choreographer
    Niccolo - piccolo; would rather see Nicholai
    Orpheus - works as a mn, I suppose
    Quintus - definite mn
    Sampson - will always have to explain that he is not Samson
    Slade - soulds like slate
    Vesely - Wesley with a German accent
    Willem - will always have to explain how he is not William
    Yoseph - not bad...
    Zeus - it may work, I think
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    Andromeda - I'm neutral on this one. I honestly don't have much of an opinion either way.
    Anona - Love this and the nickname Nona! Nonie is cute too.
    Barbara - I have really bad associations with this name, and even without those it strikes me as seeming a bit dated, but I LOVE the fact that it honors your mom.
    Beth - Neutral. I think it's a fine middle name.
    Ceola - My first thought was that it was very pretty, and my second thought was that it reminds me a bit of "areola."
    Circe - I've always loved the sound of this, but the primary association with it from the Odyssey isn't neccessarily positive so I'm not 100% sure how usable it is. That isn't to say that I think it isn't usable. I really haven't come to a decision either way on it personally. I do really like the sound, though!
    Clarity - I really like this!
    Edel - I love this one. I saw it on an Irish game show contestant once (how random, right?) (with that spelling and that pronunciation) and I did some mad Googling on it afterwards but I wasn't able to come up with much. It seems that it might have seem precedent for use in Ireland, but I'm really not sure. It reminds me very much of edelweiss, both the flower and the song.
    Edwina - I know a girl with this name who goes by Eddie. I actually think that the sound is cute, but I suspect it may come across as overly musty to most people.
    Euphoria - Cute as an mn. It may be a bit much in the first name spot. Effie could be a cute nickname. Would you be interested in Euphemia as an alternative?
    Fio - I've never heard of this before, but I love it!
    Ismene - I LOVE this name based on sound. It's probably one of my favorites. Having said that, I think that the Oedipus connection probably makes it unusable. (I would love for someone to tell me that I'm wrong!)
    Ivory - I think that the sound of this is very pretty, but it just doesn't work for me for some reason. I think of soap and of elephant poachers.
    Jean - I feel the same way at this as I do about Beth. A fine middle name. Honestly, pretty much anything that is a family name or honoring gets a positive from me.
    Juiz - I don't love this. It makes me think ... "juice" or "juicy." Loads of teasing potential here.
    Kirby - It's okay. It seems very early 90s to me.
    Lilith - It's okay. I don't love it or hate it. I think that the Biblical connection makes it not especially usable.
    Liora - Pretty!
    Melinda - This is pretty, and I like the family connection.
    Merry - I knew a Meredith who went by this name, spelled that way. It sort of reminds me of the fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty. I came across Merriment recently and I thought that was cute (but that might seem like a bit much for you).
    Minerva - I really like this one!
    Nerissa - I like this one a lot! I'm actually surprised that it isn't used more.
    Perpetua - Love the sound of this. I'm not sure if it's too much or not. I thought it would be an awesome middle name.
    Polly - This is cute. I like it.
    Olympia - I love Olympia and I love Olly as a nickname for it. I actually think that it's pretty wearable, with Olympia Snowe and with the similar sounding Olivia being so popular.
    Roberta - This is okay. I don't love the sound, but I like that it honors.
    Renelle - This one really doesn't do anything for me.
    Sapphira - Pretty. I'm not sure why I don't like this one more.
    Shira/Sheila - I like Shira a lot. Sheila is okay.
    Solace - Could be cute as a middle name.
    Ulrika - The sound of this one isn't really don't anything for me.
    Wanda - I'm pretty neutral on this. I think it's made less usable more by the fact that it seems dated than by the fact that it's connected to The Fairly Oddparents.
    Winry - Like the sound a lot, but I think it's too tied to the anime.

    My favorites are Anona, Circe, Edel, Fio, and Ismene.

    Alphons - This seems like one of those names that works better in a bubble. There's nothing terribly wrong with it, but it seems as if it would be very hard to wear to me.
    Araya - I like the sound of this. It would be awesome in the middle spot.
    Ambrose - I like this.
    Benvolio - Sort of goofy. To be honest, if I saw this written down somewhere the impression that I would get is that the parents wanted to come across as more literate than they actually were so they picked an obscure name from Romeo and Juliet.
    Demitry - I prefer Dmitri, but I don't strongly dislike Demitry even though I'm not usually one for alternative spellings. I like this one.
    Dio - I much prefer Fio.
    Ivar - I really like Ivor and Iver. I don't like the 'a' spelling as much, but I'm not sure why.
    Judas - I'm not religious, but this is way too loaded. I do like Judah and Jude.
    Kristof - I'm pretty neutral about this.
    Lysander - I know of a little boy with this name. Possibly a bit much in the first name spot (I'm not sure), but really cute in the middle.
    Miheal - I'm pretty neutral about this. I don't love it.
    Motega -I would advise against this one unless you have substantial Native American heritage. Otherwise it seems tacky to use it to me.
    Niccolo - It's sort of cute. I had a not great teacher with this as her last name, so that might be why I can't get into it more.
    Orpheus - I sort of want to like this, but I just don't.
    Quintus - Cute, especially with Quin as a nickname.
    Sampson - I love Samson. I have no idea why the extra 'p' bothers me so much, but it really gets in the way of me liking the name.
    Slade - I don't watch Real Housewives of Orange County, but I somehow know that this is the name of a really gross character on that show. I'm really not loving this one at all.
    Vesely - This reminds me of vaseline.
    Willem - I really like this one.
    Yoseph - I'm pretty neutral. Is the nickname Seph because of Sephiroth?
    Zeus - It's okay on a dog, but I don't think that this one is usable on a person at all.

    My favorites are Araya, Ambrose, Demitry, Quintus "Quin", and Willem.

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    Thank you all for replying!! I am well aware of some of my name's negative meanings and references. Some of your opinions opened my eyes to some of the flaws in my choices, I will begin improving my list soon.
    Judas - he's more likely to be teased for betraying Jesus, if you're a practicing Christian. Judah would be better.
    Lilith - Absolutely not. Religious issues.
    I'm not a practicing Christianity but I can't stay away from some of these biblical/Hebrew names lol.
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    Hi Danielle.

    Andromeda (nn Andie, probably best to put as a mn but I like it for a first)
    kind of dramatic but it does have everyday nicknames like Andie. It could work as a quirky choice.

    Anona (Love love love this name! nn Nona) I like this.

    Barbara (My mom's name) don't really like but I'd use in the middle if it were a family name.

    Beth (A family name, mn only though) good middle name.

    Ceola (A guilty pleasure name, pronounced Sea-oh-lah - Plus, a slight alteration of the name Cierra, my cousin's name)
    interesting but I don't like it too much.

    Circe (Another favorite, pronounced ser-see) might be best in the middle. I can see pronunciation problems.

    Clarity - it sounds nice, but it reminds me of a computer program I used to use for work. I prefer Clara or Clarissa.

    Edel (Inspired by a character from the TV series, Princess Tutu, pronounced AY-duhl. Personally, I think it's better than Adel/Adelle)
    Reminds me of Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. I prefer Adele.

    Edwina (My grandpa's name is Edward, nn Winnie or Edie) - I like Edie, but not Edwina or Winnie.

    Euphoria (A serious guilty pleasure of mine, it keeps coming back to me; definitely a mn) - one of those words that soudns nice, but would not make a good name.

    Fio (Inspired by the heroine of Porco Rosso, a studio Ghibli production, I think it looks like a diminutive of Fiona)
    I prefer just Fiona, or Fia.

    Ismene (Might be asking for trouble, but I think it's a cute name, nn Izzy?) is it Iz-MEN or is-MEAN? If it's Is-MEN I like it, but could lead to a lot of is-mean teasing.

    Ivory - it's pretty.

    Jean (Family name, strictly mn though) good mn.

    Juiz (Spunky name inspired by a TV series, Eden of the East, pronounced "Juu-ees" I want to get more in depth with this name later)

    Kirby (another GP) it's okay.

    Lilith interesting!

    Liora I like it.

    Melinda (My grandma's name) it's okay.

    Merry (Family name "Mary" but with a twist) I only like it as a nickname for something.

    Minerva (GP name) don't really like the sound.

    Nerissa interesting.

    Perpetua is this a saint's name? Reminds me of Scholastica and names like that. Could make an interesting mn.

    Polly cute.
    Olympia (Definitely a guilty pleasure nn Ollie?) I knew someone of this name. She was of Greek descent. I prefer the name in full to Ollie.

    Roberta (Stepfather's name is Robert) not a bg fan of it.
    Renelle (nn Rennie) nms.
    Sapphira - I can get into this. Kind of exotic sounding.
    Shira/Sheila I knew someone named Shira. It's quite nice. Sheila is okay.
    Solace - a nice sound and meaning, but I wouldn't use it for a first name.
    Ulrika - not a huge fan of it.
    Wanda (Another GP name, but I think it's tainted by the show "Fairly Odd Parents". Is it still usable?) I think it's very old fashioned and not in a good way.
    Winry (Inspired by a female character in the TV series, Fullmetal Alchemist, It's a cute name!) not so fond of it.

    I know I have quite a few anime-inspired names and I assure you, it's because I love the names, not simply because I loved the characters so much I wanted to name my future children after them lol. And now back to "Juiz". I have tore apart the internet - search engine after search engine - and I cannot find the source or origin of this name! Please help me on this one, berries!!

    Alphons (Cute name, also inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist) don't love it.
    Araya (After Tom Araya from the band, Slayer) sounds more feminine.
    Ambrose don't really like it.
    Benvolio - nms.
    Demitry (My spelling of "Dmitri" and also my most favorite boys' name, definitely using this one in the future!) I love the name but prefer Dimitri or Dmitri.
    Dio (After Ronnie James Dio; Clashes with my female choice "Fio") Literally means God, so I don't think I would.
    Ivar I could go for it.
    Judas (After Judas Priest, might be teased and called "jew"? What do you think? Not one a huge favorite of mine, but I like it! nn Jude) I think Jude would be a better choice.
    Kristof fine.
    Lysander (GP name, definitely, nn Ly or Sander) I like this.
    Miheal (Inspired by Mello from Death Note, Mihael was his real name, pronounced mee-hy-al) I foresee pronunciation problems.
    Motega (Another GP name, it means "new arrow" and from Native American origin) nms.
    Niccolo fine.
    Orpheus (mn only, of course) okay for mn.
    Quintus (alternative to Quin, I prefer it to be a mn) interesting.
    Sampson (Love this name, second to Demitry) nms.
    Slade (Might get teased for Teen Titans reference? Also the name of a British band, I found out later) okay.
    Vesely (Just one step away from Wesley, but strangely more attractive and unique) maybe...
    Willem okay.
    Yoseph (nn Seph) okay.
    Zeus (another serious GP of mine. I never really though of it as a dog's name so I still think it works for a baby boy) only as mn. Too out there for a first for me.

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