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    New to Nameberry! Please see my list and tell me what you think! :)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Nameberry. My given name is Danielle Elizabeth (surname) and I'm thoroughly obsessed with names! I'm only a teenager but I see no harm in preparing myself with names I would like to choose for my future offspring, lol. I have a huge list and reasons why I chose and adore these names. Tell me what you think!

    Andromeda (nn Andie, probably best to put as a mn but I like it for a first)
    Anona (Love love love this name! nn Nona)
    Barbara (My mom's name)
    Beth (A family name, mn only though)
    Ceola (A guilty pleasure name, pronounced Sea-oh-lah - Plus, a slight alteration of the name Cierra, my cousin's name)
    Circe (Another favorite, pronounced ser-see)
    Edel (Inspired by a character from the TV series, Princess Tutu, pronounced AY-duhl. Personally, I think it's better than Adel/Adelle)
    Edwina (My grandpa's name is Edward, nn Winnie or Edie)
    Euphoria (A serious guilty pleasure of mine, it keeps coming back to me; definitely a mn)
    Fio (Inspired by the heroine of Porco Rosso, a studio Ghibli production, I think it looks like a diminutive of Fiona)
    Ismene (Might be asking for trouble, but I think it's a cute name, nn Izzy?)
    Jean (Family name, strictly mn though)
    Juiz (Spunky name inspired by a TV series, Eden of the East, pronounced "Juu-ees" I want to get more in depth with this name later)
    Kirby (another GP)

    Melinda (My grandma's name)
    Merry (Family name "Mary" but with a twist)
    Minerva (GP name)
    (Definitely a guilty pleasure nn Ollie?)
    Roberta (Stepfather's name is Robert)
    Renelle (nn Rennie)
    (Another GP name, but I think it's tainted by the show "Fairly Odd Parents". Is it still usable?)
    Winry (Inspired by a female character in the TV series, Fullmetal Alchemist, It's a cute name!)

    I know I have quite a few anime-inspired names and I assure you, it's because I love the names, not simply because I loved the characters so much I wanted to name my future children after them lol. And now back to "Juiz". I have tore apart the internet - search engine after search engine - and I cannot find the source or origin of this name! Please help me on this one, berries!!

    Alphons (Cute name, also inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist)
    Araya (After Tom Araya from the band, Slayer)

    Demitry (My spelling of "Dmitri" and also my most favorite boys' name, definitely using this one in the future!)
    Dio (After Ronnie James Dio; Clashes with my female choice "Fio")
    (After Judas Priest, might be teased and called "jew"? What do you think? Not one a huge favorite of mine, but I like it! nn Jude)
    (GP name, definitely, nn Ly or Sander)
    Miheal (Inspired by Mello from Death Note, Mihael was his real name, pronounced mee-hy-al)
    Motega (Another GP name, it means "new arrow" and from Native American origin)
    (mn only, of course)
    Quintus (alternative to Quin, I prefer it to be a mn)
    Sampson (Love this name, second to Demitry)
    Slade (Might get teased for Teen Titans reference? Also the name of a British band, I found out later)
    Vesely (Just one step away from Wesley, but strangely more attractive and unique)
    Yoseph (nn Seph)
    Zeus (another serious GP of mine. I never really though of it as a dog's name so I still think it works for a baby boy)

    So what do you think? Too bold and daring?

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    Hi Danielle, welcome to the Nameberry community! You have some interesting names on your list. Here are my thoughts on them.


    Andromeda - This would be wonderful for a quirky middle name. I love Greek and Roman mythological names but some would be hard to live up to (faves of mine: Antigone, Artemis, Calliope, Daphne to name a few)

    Anona - Pretty. I've also seen it spelled Annona too which looks more substantial to me. Do you like Annora?

    Barbara (My mom's name) - A little dated but that's ok for a family name.

    Beth - it would be a sweet middle name to honor a family member. I love Annabeth.

    Ceola - I would keep this as a guilty pleasure.

    Circe - I love this name. It's cutish in sound but has a lot of history to back it up!

    Clarity - One of my favourite virtue names and more unusual than Charity. I also love Verity.

    Edel - This lacks substance and reminds me of edelweiss.

    Edwina - An underused and unappreciated vintage name.

    Euphoria - I agree that it should be relegated to the mn spot

    Fio - Only if it's short for Fiona.

    Ismene - I like this name as well as Esmé and Ismay.

    Ivory - I prefer Ebony myself.

    Jean - I love the simple "J" quartet of Jane, Jean, Joan and June!

    Juiz - Sorry this looks like a yooneek spelling of "Jewish". Not a fan. I know it's Portuguese/Brazilian and there is a city and airport named Juiz de Fora in Brazil.

    Kirby - A bit to masculine sounding for my taste. It makes me think of baseball player Kirby Puckett.

    Lilith - A lovely Biblical gem just waiting to be discovered by Lily admirers!

    Liora - Very pretty. You may also like Leona, Léonie or Leonora.

    Melinda - I'm not a fan of "linda" names but this is fine if it honors your grandma.

    Merry - A little cutesy for a full first name.

    Minerva - Not one of my favourite mythological names but Minnie is a cute nn option.

    Nerissa - OK but reminds me too much of Melissa and Alyssa (names I'm not crazy about at all)

    Perpetua - I love this saint's name but I think it's best in the middle spot

    Polly - I love Polly - it's sweet, charming, spunky and vintage? But I worry it may be too cutesy and always reminds people of a parrot! I have a guilty pleasure: Pollyanna.

    Olympia - A strong yet feminine Greek name.

    Roberta - I like this name. I have an aunt named Roberta Lynne but she's known as Lynne. Pity because I think Roberta is more interesting.

    Renelle - This looks made up. An awkward smoosh of Renße and Elle perhaps? Not my style. I prefer Renata or even the dated Renée.

    Sapphira - This is pretty and unusual.

    Shira/Sheila - I like Shira more than Sheila.

    Solace - Probably my favourite virtue name for a girl. It's soft and pretty and not as obvious as Comfort.

    Ulrika - A very heavy German name that sounds it! Sorry not a fan.

    Wanda - A little dated for me.

    Winry - A yooneek spelling of Winfrey perhaps? It's ok but nothing special.


    Alphons - It's either French Alphonse , German Alfons or Spanish Alfonso. Another saint name but not a favourite.

    Araya - A little feminine looking and sounding for a boy in my opinion. Too similar to Maya and Amaya.

    Ambrose - A favourite saint's name that's more popular in Ireland than North America.

    Benvolio - Best left to Shakespeare.

    Demitry - I'm not crazy about the spelling. I prefer Dmitri or Dimitri. I'm not a fan of y's. It's ok.

    Dio - Italian for "God" so I wouldn't use it.

    Ivar - I love this name but prefer the Ivor spelling. I like Ivo too

    Judas - Judas was the turncoat against Jesus in the Bible so I would never use this name.

    Kristof - I prefer the French version Christophe. I'm not a fan of Christopher.

    Lysander - Oh, I love this mythological name. It's a great alternative to Alexander. There is also Evander and Leander to consider.

    Miheal - I foresee spelling and pronunciation problems with this name.

    Motega - Sounds like an Hispanic surname more than Native American. The meaning is sweet.

    Niccolo - This Italian version of Nicholas is just too cutesy and similar to piccolo (very small)

    Orpheus - yes, mn only

    Quintus - A strong Roman name but I prefer Quentin myself.

    Sampson - I love the Biblical Samson too! This is more of a surname than the original.

    Slade - Better in the middle spot. Filled with too much macho swagger and it sounds violent.

    Vesely - It reminds me more of the Russian name of Vassily more than Wesley. Not good if you have a lisp.

    Willem - I like it better than William but not as much as Will.

    Yoseph (nn Seph) - This is a rarer take on Joseph. I like it.

    Zeus - it's better as a dog's name (A big Great Dane). Too much for a child to live up to. The God Zeus isn't the best role model either.
    All the best,

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    I think Sapphira and Quintus are the most interesting and usable.

    I know a lady named Merry and it fits her quite well. Lilith, Anona, Nerissa, Olympia, Polly and Renelle also seem wearable, they just aren't my style. I like all of the family names as middles.

    Benvolio is most intriguing and I like it a lot, though it's possibly too Shakespearean. Dmitri is a nice underused name but I think the spelling Demitry is confusing. Ambrose, Ivar, Lysander, Willem, Sampson and Slade also seem wearable.

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    Andromeda (nn Andie - NMS. Dislike this one for humans. Great name for a Great Dane, horse, or even a hampster. Not so much for a human.
    Anona(Love love love this name! nn Nona) - Very pretty. Haven't heard this one before. Fun play on the traditional Anne.
    Barbara - dated, not in a good way.
    Beth - Like this one. Great nickname for a lot of other more formal first names.
    Ceola - No.
    Circe - Not for a human.
    Clarity - Prefer Charity.
    Edel - No. Pronunciation issues. The "E" will be pronounced "eh", hence you'll get the usual "adele" sound because the English language is weird like that. If you want it pronounced Ay-dele, then spell it Aedele or something equally weird.
    Edwina - Ok. Very vintage. Rides the line of old-ladyish and revived retro.
    Euphoria - an emotional state, not a name. Eugenia is a nice alternative. (And I can guarantee you won't be feeling any kind of euphoric during birth, so the name is sort of a funny oxymoron.)
    Fio - cute for a nickname. Like it as a diminutive of Fiona or Fionnula.
    Ismene - Nice alternative to the millions of Isabelle's and Esme's running around. Lends itself well to fun nicknames.
    Ivory - NMS.
    Jean - I'm partial because this is also a family name, although in my family it's a nickname for Genevieve, which I like much better than Jean.
    Juiz - No.
    Kirby - Can't see this on a girl. It's a boy's name to me.
    Lilith - Absolutely not. Religious issues.
    Liora - Very pretty.
    Melinda - Like this one a lot. Similar one I also like - Belinda.
    Merry - Pretty. I've seen it spelled like this once or twice before. Fun.
    Minerva - Ok.
    Nerissa - Eh. NMS.
    Perpetua - No thanks.
    Polly - Love this as a nn for Patricia, Pamela, Margaret, etc.
    Olympia - NMS. Makes me think of really ugly, morbidly obese women eating salt taffy. I have no idea why, but that's the image I get.
    Roberta - Ok. NMS.
    Renelle (nn Rennie) - NMS. Prefer Renee.
    Sapphira - NMS.
    Shira/Sheila - Shira sounds too much like the 80's cartoon "She-Ra". Sheila is alright- a little dated for me.
    Solace - Prefer Solange or Salome.
    Ulrika - Prefer Ursula, Usoa, Ula, or Uli.
    Wanda - NMS.
    Winry - Interesting. Maybe.

    Alphons - Prefer spelling Alphonse.
    Araya - Ok. NMS.
    Ambrose - NMS.
    Benvolio - Only if you want "Oh, you're a Shakespeare fan?" comments for the rest of you and your child's life. Bennett or Benedict are better alternatives, IMO.
    Demitry - Nice. Personally like spelling Dimitri or Dmitri better, but Demitry isn't a completely made-up spelling either, which is nice.
    Dio - Latin word for "God". NMS.
    Ivar - Eh. Not a fan.
    Judas - Personally wouldn't use because of the negative Biblical connotation. Like Jude much better.
    Kristof - Like this one, especially the spelling!
    Lysander - Eh. Ok, if you must use a romantic Shakespeare name. Better than Romeo, I suppose.
    Miheal - you'll have pronunciation issues with this. Ok name on its own, though.
    Motega - NMS
    [name]Niccolo - Love this one. Nico is a great nn!
    Orpheus - NMS.
    Quintus - Prefer Quinn to the ancient Greek styling. Just sounds a bit more modern.
    Sampson - NMS. Prefer Simeon or Simon.
    Slade - As a nickname, sure. As a formal name, no. In the same vein as naming your kid Butch, Biff, Harley, and Hammer.
    Vesely - Dislike. Wesley is much better. Plus, you'll be correcting it from Wesley all the kid's life because people will assume the "v" is a typo.
    Willem - Like this one.
    Yoseph - Ok.
    Zeus - I had a tiger fish named Zeus once. I'd pity any kid with this name who wasn't 1000000% Greek and had siblings named Athena, Aphrodite, and Cupid.

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    So many names!!! So I will pick out the ones I really don't like and the one's I really like and the ones I'm impartial I won't mention.

    Beth - Nice. What about Annabeth? Gets the Ann from Andromeda but incorporates Beth.
    Circe - Like and growing on me.
    Clarity - Like. Good mn.
    Edel - Like! Really would encourage you to use proper Adele spelling. Sounds and looks a little kre8tive to me.
    Euphoria - TOTAL STRIPPER NAME. Really despise this.
    Fio - I like Fiona and this is a really cute nickname but not alone. But I LOVE Fiona.
    Ismene - All I hear is 'Is-Mean'. That's not good.
    Juiz - Juice is all i see and hear. Really hate.
    Kirby - The Gameboy game I had. Not feminine and really belch.
    Lilith - LOVE! Great name not good meaning though.
    - Really growing on me!! I like it.
    Melinda - Like.
    [B]Perpetua - Harsh and horrid for a delightful little girl!

    Alphons - Too big of a name for a baby. It's a typical character name.
    Araya - Feminine!!
    Ambrose - Like! Growing on me!
    - Love! Shakespearean name!!
    Demitry - Really like but another kre8tive spelling. I think Demetri is MUCH classier.
    Quintus - Like a lot!
    Sampson - LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
    Slade - I can't take this name seriously.
    Vesely - Weirdly cool but prefer Wesley!
    Willem - LOVE THIS!! On my list.
    Zeus - Just NO.

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