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    New to Nameberry! Please see my list and tell me what you think! :)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Nameberry. My given name is Danielle Elizabeth (surname) and I'm thoroughly obsessed with names! I'm only a teenager but I see no harm in preparing myself with names I would like to choose for my future offspring, lol. I have a huge list and reasons why I chose and adore these names. Tell me what you think!

    Andromeda (nn Andie, probably best to put as a mn but I like it for a first)
    Anona (Love love love this name! nn Nona)
    Barbara (My mom's name)
    Beth (A family name, mn only though)
    Ceola (A guilty pleasure name, pronounced Sea-oh-lah - Plus, a slight alteration of the name Cierra, my cousin's name)
    Circe (Another favorite, pronounced ser-see)
    Edel (Inspired by a character from the TV series, Princess Tutu, pronounced AY-duhl. Personally, I think it's better than Adel/Adelle)
    Edwina (My grandpa's name is Edward, nn Winnie or Edie)
    Euphoria (A serious guilty pleasure of mine, it keeps coming back to me; definitely a mn)
    Fio (Inspired by the heroine of Porco Rosso, a studio Ghibli production, I think it looks like a diminutive of Fiona)
    Ismene (Might be asking for trouble, but I think it's a cute name, nn Izzy?)
    Jean (Family name, strictly mn though)
    Juiz (Spunky name inspired by a TV series, Eden of the East, pronounced "Juu-ees" I want to get more in depth with this name later)
    Kirby (another GP)

    Melinda (My grandma's name)
    Merry (Family name "Mary" but with a twist)
    Minerva (GP name)
    (Definitely a guilty pleasure nn Ollie?)
    Roberta (Stepfather's name is Robert)
    Renelle (nn Rennie)
    (Another GP name, but I think it's tainted by the show "Fairly Odd Parents". Is it still usable?)
    Winry (Inspired by a female character in the TV series, Fullmetal Alchemist, It's a cute name!)

    I know I have quite a few anime-inspired names and I assure you, it's because I love the names, not simply because I loved the characters so much I wanted to name my future children after them lol. And now back to "Juiz". I have tore apart the internet - search engine after search engine - and I cannot find the source or origin of this name! Please help me on this one, berries!!

    Alphons (Cute name, also inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist)
    Araya (After Tom Araya from the band, Slayer)

    Demitry (My spelling of "Dmitri" and also my most favorite boys' name, definitely using this one in the future!)
    Dio (After Ronnie James Dio; Clashes with my female choice "Fio")
    (After Judas Priest, might be teased and called "jew"? What do you think? Not one a huge favorite of mine, but I like it! nn Jude)
    (GP name, definitely, nn Ly or Sander)
    Miheal (Inspired by Mello from Death Note, Mihael was his real name, pronounced mee-hy-al)
    Motega (Another GP name, it means "new arrow" and from Native American origin)
    (mn only, of course)
    Quintus (alternative to Quin, I prefer it to be a mn)
    Sampson (Love this name, second to Demitry)
    Slade (Might get teased for Teen Titans reference? Also the name of a British band, I found out later)
    Vesely (Just one step away from Wesley, but strangely more attractive and unique)
    Yoseph (nn Seph)
    Zeus (another serious GP of mine. I never really though of it as a dog's name so I still think it works for a baby boy)

    So what do you think? Too bold and daring?

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