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    Andromeda - Love Andromeda, but it's a definite guilty pleasure! I wouldn't have the guts to use it as a first name!
    Anona - This is pretty, but not really my style
    Barbara - This feels so dated to me, but since it's your moms name, I'd use it in a middle spot to honour her
    Beth - Beth by itself makes a good middle, but for a first name, I'd prefer Annabeth, Lisbeth, Elisabeth etc
    Ceola - This is pretty, but I dislike the spelling
    Circe - love Circe, but in Canada where I live, you'd face pronunciation problems
    Clarity - Just okay, not my favorite virtue name
    Edel - Reminds me of the song from sound of music
    Edwina - I like Winnie or Wynn as a nn, but not fond of Edwina
    Euphoria - Sorry, sounds like a name a drug addict would give their child
    Fio - Like Fiorella, or similar Fiametta
    Ismene - Dislike the teasing potential haha
    Ivory - Meh
    Jean - Strictly as a mn, yes, otherwise it reminds me purely of X-men
    Juiz - Reminds me of a slang term for something undesirable to name a daughter haha
    Kirby - Never have liked Kirby for either gender
    Lilith - Like Lilith
    Liora - Like Leora more, but not hugely fond of either
    Melinda - Like Melinda
    Merry - Love Merry spelled this way, or Merri
    Minerva - Like Minerva, but seems so old for a baby
    Nerissa - Prefer Narcissa, but I'm pretty alone in this!
    Perpetua - Like Perpetua, but can't picture it on a child
    Polly - Too 70's or something, prefer Molly
    Olympia - Would love to meet an Olympia, but not on my own kid
    Roberta - Prefer Robert for a boy, though I have only good thoughts of the Roberta I know
    Renelle - Prefer Renata for nn Rennie or Ren
    Sapphira - This name is white trash stripper for me unfortunately, that's the only usage of it I've seen
    Shira/Sheila - Prefer Shira over Sheila
    Solace - Like this
    Ulrika - Prefer Ulric, for a boy
    Wanda - Fairly Odd Parents won't be remembered in 10 years, Wanda is cute, albeit dated
    Winry - Just okay

    Alphons - Not my style
    Araya - Sounds more like a girls name
    Ambrose - Dislike by association
    Benvolio - Okay
    Demitry - Hate this spelling. Prefer Demetri.
    Dio - Too short for my tastes for a first name
    Ivar - Not my style
    Judas - Love Jude, but prefer Judah to Judas
    Kristof - Just okay
    Lysander - I thought of this one at one point, but Fiance says it's too girly
    Miheal - Too many pronunciation issues here
    Motega - I don't mind this
    Niccolo - Reminds me of Piccolo
    Orpheus - Sounds too much like Orfice
    Quintus - Just okay
    Sampson - Solid name, with familiar/common nickname of Sam
    Slade - Slade is cool, and no one is going to know Teen Titans in 10 years either
    Vesely - Sounds like a Russian saying Wesley. Prefer Wesley itself.
    Willem - I know a very nice Willem
    Yoseph - Like nn Seph
    Zeus - I think he would get teased if he ended up being.... well.. anything haha

    Rough n Tumble
    Lachlan Alexander
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    Pretty in Pink
    Lavender Irie/Alina/Ellen
    Natalie Winter - Adelaide Pearl - Hermione Jane - Corisande Fable - Virginia Joy- Odessa Faye

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    is it Iz-MEN or is-MEAN? If it's Is-MEN I like it, but could lead to a lot of is-mean teasing.
    Ismene is pronounced Iz-Mey-Nee. Have you ever read the story of Oedipus or Antigone? Thank you for your feedback, though! I've taken a few of these names off my list. Still improving it though.
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    -closing thread- Thank you all!
    Danielle • 19 years old • United States

    Geraldine · Eleanor · Dorothy · Anne · Edith
    William · Edward · James · Robert · Henry

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