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    @catloverd margarita was a name long before it was a drink, do you think a culture should give up a name because someone came along and named an alcoholic beverage after it?

    Really like rubella and Arabesque

    My husbands contribution to the thread: Bossa Nova
    I was more so referring to Asia, China, India, America, etc....

    Margarita is inappropriate now a days , just like Mimosa, because thought it might have been a name, it's strongly associated with alcohol..... so it has become inappropriate.

    Not saying you can't use any of the above, it's just my opinion after all :/

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    For those of you saying you like Liberty, I know a little Liberty and she goes by Libby but when they get mad, they yell "Liberty!" haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    Not saying you can't use any of the above, it's just my opinion after all :/
    Sorry if I came off rude, I just wanted to know where you stood. Personally I think Margarita is fine but I can see why it might bother some people.
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    I prefer Margherita to Margarita. Like the pizza!

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