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    Quote Originally Posted by agirlinred View Post
    Chlamydia would be a pretty name. A co-worker of my uncle's thought so too... Her daughter is Clamidia.
    I was just having this conversation the other day! I cannot believe someone actually named their daughter that though, seriously. The other name bought up in that discussion was Genitalia...

    I've always liked Misery, which is clearly not a name to bestow upon your child. Although probably better than the aforementioned two...

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    I would never use these so please don't yell at me but I like:

    Penance (for a girl. Penny. How sweet... but only in a cartoon about goth ragdolls, really)
    Iridesce - The verb of iridescent. And also, Opalescence - I guess I have a thing for shiny things?
    Viridiflora - a Latin word for flowers where the flower itself is green. Viridiflora tulips are exquisite. Could I name a child Viridiflora IRL? Probably not!
    Rosequartz - A word smoosh AND incredibly New Age. I was raised by hippies, does it show much? But it symbolizes love!

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    Violence! The sound of the word I like. The meaning? Yeah, no.

    On one of the blogs here with a similar idea, the author mentioned the word Reciprocity. I like it!

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    A 12 year old in my group likes the name Nebula for a girl (she says her mom works with one). There's also a one year old at my daycare named Sarah Breeze.

    I agree that some of these words have great sounds though. Delphi and Oasis seem likes names that could work (in the middle). I don't have any personally though. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    It's so interesting to see some of these words! It's too bad most of them definitely have no possibility of becoming names.

    More I like

    Josephine Athénaïs - Josephine Ivy - Myriam Athénaïs - Vivienne Josephine
    Athena Beatrice - Beatrice Cecile - Eleanor Anne-Sophie -Myriam Beatrice - Meredith Elizabeth
    Ambrose Aristide - Ulysses Aristide

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