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    Can't make up my mind!

    On my journey to find the perfect greek girl name, I stumbled across the name Melina (prn. Muh-LEE-nah). When I saw it I fell in love. Now, I'm second guessing myself, but not much else is really appealing to me. I can't make up my mind. What do you think about the name? What kind of girl do you picture when you hear it? And which of these combos do you prefer? Melina Isabelle or Melina Abigail? What do you think about Mia for short? Thank you in advance

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    The only association I have for the name is Melina Kanakaredes, the actress. She's very pretty, so I picture a lovely, refined little girl. I wouldn't use Mia as a short form, because I don't like Mia. Mel or Millie could be cute.
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    I like it. Melina Isabelle the best. I think with such a pretty (slightly unusual name) you would use a nicer nickname, Lina is also beautiful.
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    I like Melina Isabelle most.

    I prefer the nn of Lina, or even Elle. Mia could work fine though.
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