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    Anne-Sophie / Marie-Sophie

    Which of the two names Anne-Sophie and Marie-Sophie do you like the best, and why?
    Also do you prefer the names with or without the hyphens?

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    Anne-Sophie, because Marie-Sophie is way too rhymey.
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    This ^^

    I love Anne-Sophie, anyway. It's one of my favorite hyphenated French double names.

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    I prefer Anne-Sophie.
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    Anne-Sophie, Josephine Anne-Sophie and Myriam Anne-Sophie are combos that I have considered using irl so i say you have some great name taste. I think this name is perfect, the meaning is great and I've never met one that wasn't kind and generous so I have a great impression of the name.

    I do think it looks better with a hyphen and fwiw I wouldn't clutter it up with more that one mn or first name depending on how you use it.
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