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    What are your thoughts on these "dated" names?

    Which ones do you think can fit right in with the young Evelyn's and Eleanor's today? Which ones do you think still sound too dated? Any that you think will never make even the slightest comeback? (or should never be used today)



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    For the girls, I think Judith, Nancy, Maxine, and Trudy are a little too dated. Maybe they'll come back in style eventually, but I can't picture any of them on a little girl today. I like Colleen, Cleo, Etta, and Jeannie / Jeannette though.

    For the boys... Alvin reminds me of Alvin & the Chipmunks, so I'll say no to that. Oscar, Virgil, and Wallace seem a bit too stuffy and old-fashioned to me. I can see Forrest, Reuben, Stuart, and Clarence on boys today.
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    I think: Nancy, Coleen, Cleo, Alvin, Forrest and maybe Oscar can all fit in in today's time.

    I had class with Nancy, and Alvin who are in they're late teens now. No one blinked an eye, and Alvin was one of the cool kids.
    With the remake of the Alvin and the Chipmunk movies, Alvin will be deemed a cool name with the upcoming generations.
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    Judith - too dated, sorry. Justina might be a dated option that could come back. I prefer Juliet, July, Juno, Juniper, Judah, Jude
    Nancy -eh, no, I know too many Nancy's in their 40's, though Fancy Nancy might flip the popularity. Nanette is preferable.
    Maxine - yikes, sorry, I don't like this one either. There are so many lovely Mar names!
    Coleen - this one I could see. Or Corinne, Corinna, Coralie.
    Cleo/Clio - Definitely! Lovely
    Etta - Again lovely
    Trudie/Trudy - Yes! Especially as a nickname for Gertrude or Verity
    Jeannie - possible, Janine,

    Alvin - yikes, no
    Douglas -uh, maybe
    Oscar - absolutely! Love it!
    Forrest - I've never met anyone over 10 with this name, so absolutely
    Reuben - sure!
    Virgil - uh, no!
    Wallace - hmm, probably not, I prefer Walker
    Stuart - meh, this is weak for me, I don't like it
    Clarence - this has always felt a bit feminine because of the Clare

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    Judith -- this is already quite popular in Israel (as Yehudit) and is making a small comeback on the Hebrew school set. Don't think Judy will be coming back anytime soon, though.
    Nancy-- I do think Nancy will be coming back. Even though this is a "mom" name, there's been some movement with it. I think Nan as a nn will enhance its potential, as it fits in with Nell, Addie, Gracie, Rosie, etc.
    Maxine-- is already making a comeback. I personally don't like it.
    Coleen-- Colleen is one of those names like Brigid that was over-identified with one ethnic group. Don't know if it will come back as there were stereotypes associated with it, unlike Brigid, which is a saint's name and one used in French Canada and elsewhere.
    Cleo/Clio -- Cleo and Clio (2 different names) is going to join up with all the other Greek/Roman revivalist names.
    Etta -- I love this name. Could we see it tag along with a closer look at Harriet and Henrietta/Henriette? I hope so.
    Trudie/Trudy -- Trudy may make a comeback on its own. I don't see any of the heavily German-influenced names -- Gertrude, Hilda, Bertha, et. al. -- returning, unless in their Hispanic versions.
    Jeannie -- I think Jean will be coming back, along with Jane and Joan. I think the alternative names -- Janelle, Janessa, Shannel, etc -- are already sounding dated.

    Alvin-- Don't think Alvin -- because of the stupid chipmunks-- will be coming back, which is too bad, because the meaning is great. Could substitute with Alfred and Alfric, both have similar meanings but have no baggage.
    Douglas -- I dunno. I personally like Douglas, but I think Douglas, Donald, Gary, and Steven are all still too "dad" names.
    Oscar -- This is making a comeback. Especially popular in Hispanic circles.
    Forrest-- With the nature names. Forrest has always been popular here in the South because of the Confederate general. I've taught several kids named Forrest. Wonder if it will switch to the girls?
    Reuben -- Again, fairly popular in the Hispanic community. It's remained steady in the Hebrew school set, but nowhere near has popular as the perennial Isaacs, Noahs, Joels.
    Virgil -- Latin revivalist name? I don't know....Ovid, anyone? Horace? Cicero?
    Wallace -- I think Wally as a nn is gone. So Wallace, as in William Wallace? I don't know. Maybe on the coattails of Walter? A good nn might be Taffy, since Wallace means from Wales.
    Stuart -- I love Stewart, but with baby Stewie around I don't think so.
    Clarence -- It would be great to see Clarence/Clare and Clement/Clem revived.

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