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    Just for fun. Guess what the name will be..

    I haven't been on here for a while but I thought this might be a fun idea..

    My best friend is expecting a third baby- expecting a third baby as of Wednesday 27th at the latest in fact!

    She has two children- Elodie and Samuel.

    The challenge is- can any of you guess what she will name the new arrival?

    Nameberry kudos to any who manage the task because I have no idea and shes kept pretty schtum about the names.
    (Gender surprise but I will get the boy AND girl name out of her after Wednesday if I can)
    Get guessing, NB!
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    Hmm.. I'm going with Benjamin or Caroline. Not sure why but they seem to fit :-)
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    Elodie, Samuel &
    If it's a girl: Aurora (It would be so cute to have a little Ellie & Rory)
    If it's a boy: Thomas (Tom & Sam)
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    I love guessing the names of strangers' babies! (That sounded sarcastic, but I mean it!)

    Okay, for a girl, I'm guessing Margot and for a boy, hmm, Lucas?

    Let us know!

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