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    Judith - I just can't see this coming back but then again I don't care for it so I might be biased
    Nancy - I like this, it has a 50's feel but I don't think it has enough appeal to come back
    Maxine - I think this would be nice if it weren't for that annoying Hallmark cartoon of a grumpy old lady
    Coleen - too dated imo, might come back in 20 years or so?
    Cleo/Clio - I like this, can see it coming back but I prefer Clea
    Etta - Love this! I have a great aunt named Etta Mae so I'm partial to it, I think it has a lot of appeal right now with name trends.
    Trudie/Trudy - too dated and cutesy in a 50's stereotype way to come back
    Jeannie - OK but I think Jeanne nn jeanie could come back before Jeannie does.

    Alvin - Have never been able to stand this and can't see it coming back but I have a bad association with it so Im biased
    Douglas - have a young cousin named this so I def can see this coming back
    Oscar - too dated, don't care for it and I can't see it coming back
    Forrest - definitely fits todays trends so I can see it coming back full force.
    Reuben - Where I live this name is not exactly considered refined or stylish so I can't see it coming back because of that perspective.
    Virgil - love this, would love to see it come back and I think it has potential
    Wallace - not sure about this, on one hand it has potential, on another it reminds me of Wallace Simpson so IDK
    Stuart - yes I could see this coming back, its NMS but I would like to see others use it
    Clarence - this might be too dated to come back anytime soon
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    I love Cleo, and Wallace is in my top 15. I like quirky cousin Waldo even more.

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    Judith- Don't like and really don't see making a comeback!
    Nancy- I think in a couple of years it will be ready to comeback. Don't personally like it though.
    Maxine- Very cute!
    Coleen- Don't like but could see it being used.
    Cleo/Clio- Don't really see this as dated, I find it very exotic.
    Etta- Love it! Definitely ready.
    Trudie/Trudy- Same with Judith.
    Jeannie- I could see it coming back though I don't like it.

    Alvin- With Alvin and the Chipmunks I don't think it will comeback any time soon.
    Douglas- Kinda cute, I could see it.
    Oscar- Don't like because of personal association but I think of Oscar the Grouch. It might comeback in a couple of years.
    Forrest- LOVE! So ready.
    Reuben- I could see it coming back into style.
    Virgil- Oh no!
    Wallace- i think of Wallace & Gromit but it is kinda cute.
    Stuart- Don't like but have met some little Stuarts.
    Clarence- I kinda like it but don't know if it's ready to comeback.
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    Judith- In a minority here, but I love Judith. I think its soft and gentle sounding. The soft 'th' is popular where I am- there are Tabithas and Theas popping up, so why not Judiths? I put it in the same boat as Loretta and Marion (used by SJP for her girls.) All it'd take it someone in the public eye to use the name...
    Nancy- This one is coming back, I think! Our PM's daughter is named Nancy, and it pops up quite a lot in the upper middle classes. I quite like it but it has a 'jolly' vibe that I don't think I'd want in a name I would use personally.
    Maxine- I hate this. Please let it not come back! It isn't in the UK that I know of. It sounds SO masculine to me. Brutish almost!
    Coleen- Hmm, not a fan but I could see it coming back. Maybe in a few years anyway- it doesn't seem to have the vintage vibe of some of the others; and its that which seems to be attracting new parents where I am.
    Cleo/Clio- Love both these, especially the latter spelling. Please goodness let them not flare up in popularity. Haven't heard of any Cleos or Clios for a long time, but I can imagine them becoming popular. Mythological link, like Chloe has, and a wearably brief name! I think Cleo/Clio has potential curb appeal- I can't actually see why this name isn't popular already!
    Etta- Yep, as with Cleo. Short and sweet- like Ada, Isla etc. Could potentially come back- especially with the jazz association on its side. However, I also wouldn't bank on it- might need a boost from the outside. E.g. inclusion in a Twilight film or something tragic
    Trudie/Trudy- Nope. This one isn't due for a revamp
    Jeannie- Ditto this one!

    Alvin- Like PPs said. Chipmunks still got him
    Douglas- I know a little Douglas, and its grown on me. Still, I think this one will stay gathering dust for a while yet.
    Oscar- This is so so popular in the UK! Maybe meaning that will happen in the US too?
    Forrest- Hmm, don't see this one becoming too popular. It lacks charm IMO.
    Reuben- Meh. This is alright. I see it as a bit 'jolly' too. Kind of silly sounding or something?
    Virgil- Like this a lot, but too similar to the word 'virgin' to ever come back I think. Plus very serious and ancient associations. Not an obvious contender on the popularity charts
    Wallace- This is cool- can see this one coming back. It has the same strong, surnamey but classic feeling as maybe, Lloyd or Clark
    Stuart- NOO so goofy and dated sounding still
    Clarence- I think too effeminate to come back. Too much like Clara, Claribel, Claire etc. And the 'Clar' beginning isn't tremendously cool- Claribel still carries associations with that cow! And I don't think Clarence entirely escapes from those poncey associations..

    This was interesting! Good post
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    * Judith - I love Judith. I see the full name as elegant and beautiful. If I had a half dozen daughters, I'd consider using it as a middle name. I would love to see it used more often, but I'm not sure that parents are ready yet for the nn "Judy."
    * Nancy - It was a suave name in its day, but it's not really my style, and I CANNOT imagine it being used now.
    * Maxine - It's not my style, as Max just feels masculine to me. I am not sure the "ine" ending is going to be stylish anytime too soon, but it might in light of the trend to call girls by masculine names. I CAN imagine parents calling their daughters Max.
    * Coleen - I don't mind Coleen, but I CAN'T picture it being revived any time soon.
    * Cleo/Clio - This one is not my style, but I CAN see it being revived at any time.
    * Etta - I love Etta, and I think it is very usable now.
    * Trudie/Trudy - Not my style. I think it might be revived, but it will probably not happen anytime soon.
    * Jeannie - I DON'T think this one will be ready for a comeback for a very long time, IF EVER.

    * Alvin - I CAN see it potentially being revived in the near future.
    * Douglas - I think any chance for revival is a long way off. I think its an okay middle name.
    * Oscar - I think it is already coming back, slowly but surely. NMS.
    * Forrest - Any chance of true revival is probably a long way off, but I think it is an acceptable name to use now.
    * Reuben - If Hugo has been revived, then Reuben certainly CAN be revived too.
    * Virgil - I CAN'T picture this one coming back.
    * Wallace - I think Walter has a much better chance. I CAN'T see Wallace, nn Wally, coming back.
    * Stuart - I CAN picture this one coming back.
    * Clarence - CAN'T picture it
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