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    I can't help but think of really unattractive old ladies. That's my gut reaction. Despite the meaning, it feels very masculine, which normally I feel good about for girl's names, but not in this case.

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    IDK about Artemis. Even though it is a goddess name, it feels distinctly masculine. I know a mom who recently had twin boys and named them Apollo and Artemis (I know so cheesy but that is what she did!) It just seems heavy for a girl, especially next to Luna.

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    Would Lunete Artemis be too much? Other option might be Luna Artemis, but I think that sounds a little off.....

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    I think Artemis is a gorgeous name.

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    I love Artemis, and it is going to be the name of my first girl (I've planned that since the age of 6) . I definitely think it is safe to use. You have to remember that names like Atticus are not what they once were: once they were tease worthy, but now they are perfectly acceptable, and probably won't receive comment, accept maybe to tell you how much they like it. I've never known an Artemis, but I have known an Artemisia, and nobody batted an eyelid, to be perfectly honest, apart from one person, who commented on what a cool name it was. She never used a nn either.
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