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    I think Artemis could work and she could shorten it to Ari, Missy, or maybe even something like Artsy, which could be really cute. The connection to your name really stuck out to me but that could be a cute connection. I think Luna is a nice fit with Artemis, and Diana for that matter too I actually like Euphemia the best of the 3, it is so beautiful to me, but I really like the Moon theme you have going on here too! There is no way I could get my husband to agree to Euphemia either.

    Here are some other names you might like that stick to you theme.
    Livana - I really liked this one for our twins but my DH shot it down because he says it sounds too much like Nirvana, but I would love to see someone use it!
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    I think of the character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She's a very "distinct" character. I doubt any of your child's peers will conjur up this image... but if their parents do....

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    I have a cousin called Artemis and she doesn't get teased. Personally I love the name. It is not overly weird and if the child/hubby aren't too keen there are a lot of nn options such as:

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    I'm a grade school teacher and the younger boys love Artemis Fowl... I think "Artie" as a nm is quite cute

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    I think that name teasing has gone down a LOT in the past decade. No one at my elementary school (Or at the two other elementary schools in my town) got teased for their name, but that might be partly because most of the kids in our area are bright enough to realize that kids don't choose their names.
    Artemis is NMS, but I think there's not as much of a chance of teasing as there once was.
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