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    Exclamation Need opinions on the name Artemis!

    So last night while talking to my fiance' about names, I asked him what he thought of Artemis. He tends to like more "normal" names, so I assumed he'd shoot it down, well he did, but not totally. He said he loved it for a video game character, character in a book or a cat, but not on a person.

    He thinks Artemis = Atticus. (His friend Atticus was teased for his name) and fears Artemis will be another Atticus....

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any Atremis's and if they were ever teased. Also I'm not involved with younger kids so I don't know what the new names on the block are. He's basing it off of the names he grew up with, which I pointed out he never grew up with a Noah, Nora, or Nina which are his nephew and nieces names. I never grew up with them either.

    I was just wondering if Artemis is safe to use. It's been a gp of mine for a long time, but I never thought of using it on a kid, but it's the only other name we both like besides Luna/Lunete. I still can't get him on board with Euphemia.

    I'm also a little worried about it appearing too corny since my name is Diana. With Luna it's a little less obvious so I'm okay on that.

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    From all of the greek mythological names (Athena, Hera, Artemis, Hestia, Demeter, etc) I always think that Artemis is the most unusable one, followed by Demeter (without variation/modification to Demetria or something).
    I love Luna, Selene/Selena, Cynthia, and your name, Diana, but never Artemis.

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    I think Artemis is safe to use.

    1) Kids nowadays are a little more used to offbeat names

    2) It has a cute nickname--Ari

    3) There's an actress named Artemis, which might make it a little more recognizable
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    I think it depends on your location and your crowd. Our group of friends has kids with tons of crazy names so while Artemis would definitely be different I think it would be accepted. More and more kids are getting stranger names and I think teasing over it will grow less and less. When the bully's name is Dashiell it's harder to imagine him making fun of a kid named Ezekiel.

    Artemis still sounds a bit feminine to me, despite Artemis Fowl being a boy. Arty and Tem and Ari and Aris and Ret all seem like nn options. It's not on my list, but it's not in the crazy realm either.

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    I think Artemis is a little over the top for a first name but as a middle name it would be fine. Selene would be a good alternative, as it's also the name of a moon goddess.

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