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    Definitely Catherine. It's my middle name, so any other spelling looks wrong to me and I also dislike K names. And, tbh, I think of Kathryn as a different name almost, it just has such a different feeling to it.

    I also don't see why Kate, Katie and Kitty can't be used as nicknames for Catherine. They have been for centuries and I don't think it's a particularly difficult concept to grasp.
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    I prefer Katherine or Catherine. Although they're not noticeable in speech, I love the extra syllables. It's almost as if they add a sort of deliberation? I love it.
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    I'm part of that minority on here that likes Kathryn. It tends to get shortened to Kat in my experience, and it's spelled PRECISELY how I pronounce it. Two syllables. Soft, long vowels all around.
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    If I had to name a daughter this name, I'd go with Catherine. I'm partial to the letter C. However, I like all of the aforementioned spellings.

    1. Catherine/Katherine
    2. Kathryn
    3. Katharine

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    I don't care for Katharine as much as the others... The second a looks out of place to me.

    In as much as you can say that one version or another of a very classic name with multiple classical spellings looks more modern than the others...

    Catherine has more of an early mid-century vibe to it, imo, Kathryn more of a late mid-century, and Katherine part of the return to classicism. Catherine (nn Cathy) was born before 1950. Kathryn (nn Kathy) was a contemporary of Debra and Tammy, born in the 60s/70s. Katherine (nn Kate) is the new girl at work who thinks her upcoming 25th birthday is the end of the world.

    I'm also getting a bit of a chuckle out of the 'modern' spellings discussion. Henry VIII's three wives (who are variously handed down as Catherine, Katherine, or Kathryn) all signed their names with a 'k' (...this is a nice mess..., The signatures of the six wives of Henry VIII.*).

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