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    The only one I truly dislike is Kathryn. It just a downgrade. Catherine would be my favorite. Can't beat a classic. But Katharine does have a bit of glamour for me. Possibly because of Katharine Hepburn. I would go with one of those two.

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    Catherine would have to be my favorite. Something about the 'C' beginning makes it look less trendy.

    But, I do love Kathryn as well, because of the Star Trek Captain Kathryn Janeway (from the Voyager series- which happens to my favorite).
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    I've always liked Katharine... Not really sure why the A instead of the E, but I don't like the letter C and the y makes it look... sad.
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    I like most of them! I know a Catharine as well.

    Kathryn feels sort of 1950s spunky, which I like.
    Katherine is classy and flexible nickname-wise. Katharine feels even more elegant.

    I would probably use Catherine simply because I've felt drawn to it lately. Because it has a K sound, I don't mind using the C spelling with nicknames like Kay and Kate. I know a Katherine whose nickname is Cassie, too.

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    To me (being a Caitlin) the Catherine spelling always feels most authentic, which I like.

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